Cesar talks about the right way to love our dogs. (feat. Andre Millan) Valentines Day! | BHBP EP. 14

In this blog post, we invite you to explore the fascinating world of dog love as Cesar, along with Andre Millan, shares remarkable insights on how you can best love your furry companions. Join us as we delve into the topic just in time for Valentine’s Day! So, sit back, relax, and discover the right way for you to express your love to your beloved dogs. Let’s dive in!

Cesar talks about the right way to love our dogs. (feat. Andre Millan) Valentines Day! | BHBP EP. 14


Are you a dog lover looking to deepen your understanding of how to love your furry companions? Look no further! In this article, we delve into a heartwarming conversation between Cesar and Andre Millan, where they discuss their experiences with love as it relates to their lives and their canine friends. Join us as we explore the misconceptions of love as dog owners and share some favorite examples of love at the ranch. Plus, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on social media, and sign up for one of Cesar’s training courses to enhance your bond with your four-legged family member.

Love: Beyond Expectations

As Cesar and Andre Millan engage in an animated discussion about love, it becomes apparent that love extends beyond human relationships. Andre shares his belief that love must be unconditional when it comes to our dogs—a sentiment his father, Cesar, wholeheartedly agrees with. They emphasize the importance of understanding that dogs love us without judgment, regardless of our appearance or social status. A dog’s love is pure and genuine, making them exceptional creatures that teach us valuable lessons about acceptance.

Misconceptions About Loving Our Dogs

Contrary to common misconceptions, love in a dog-human relationship goes beyond showering our pets with affection. Andre reminds us that love is not just about providing treats or excessive pampering. Instead, it entails setting boundaries and providing structure, as dogs thrive on consistency and leadership.

Cesar interjects, adding that loving our dogs correctly involves understanding their instincts and fulfilling their physical, mental, and emotional needs. Dogs are pack animals, and they crave a strong leader to guide them. By being calm, assertive, and offering clear direction, we can establish a healthy balance of love and respect within our furry friendships.

Examples of Love at the Ranch

As Andre and Cesar reminisce about their experiences at the ranch, they share heartwarming stories that showcase the power of love between humans and dogs.

Emphasizing the transformative nature of love, Andre recounts a rescue dog’s journey from a fearful and aggressive state to becoming a confident and affectionate companion. This transformation, made possible through patience, consistent training, and unwavering love, proves that every dog has the potential to thrive with the right guidance.

Cesar adds to the discussion, highlighting the importance of exercise as an expression of love. Dogs possess an abundance of energy, and by providing them with regular physical activity, whether through walks, runs, or playtime, we fulfill their natural instincts and maintain their overall well-being.


Loving our dogs isn’t just about showering them with affection and treats; it’s about providing them with structure, boundaries, and fulfilling their innate needs. By understanding their instincts and offering guidance, we create a loving and balanced relationship with our loyal companions. Join us in celebrating the profound love between humans and dogs this Valentine’s Day, as we continue to learn and grow together.


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