Exercise your dog!

Exercise is so important to the mental and physical health of your dog. Here are a few thoughts I had during a hike about why you should take hikes in the woods with your dog and also take up a sport like agility.

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The REAL Secret To Teaching Your Dog To Come When Called

I want to tell you how I got my now wife, Rachael, to go out with me for the first time. Rachael was working for me at the time at my dog training business. I hatched a plan because I do not handle rejection very well and I didn’t want her to think I was some creepy boss hitting on her.

Ear Cleaning for Dogs: How to Prevent an Ear Infection

Animal parents must learn the basics of pet parenting to care for their animals well. Canines in particular, “man’s best friend” needs extra attention, being that they are ever-present around humans. Conversely, ear cleaning for dogs is a topic that encourages continuous discussion among peers caring for mutts.

How to Take Care of a Puppy

How to Take Care of a Puppy One of the best things you could ever get is love from a puppy. Learning how to take care of a puppy is the best way to ensure you get all that precious love for years to come. Here you will learn what the tricks are to ensure that your pooch is healthy, happy and vibrant for years of fun and friendship. Before you bring your puppy home, clean house.

Dog Dental Care and Good Oral Health

Dogs are a very important part of our family and dental care is very important for your dog. It is our responsibility as owners to make sure they live as happy and healthy life as humanly possible. This is very little, for the happiness they bring into our lives.

Pomsky Puppies: “Mix a Diligent and Blue Eyed Hard-Worker With a Fur Ball, and Stir!”

Pomsky Puppies are a cross between a Pomeranian and a husky. They are simply adorable dogs, and even cuter puppies. Like any cross breed, each individual Pomsky can vary in temperament to a certain degree, a little more so than pure breeds.

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