Healthiest & Best Dog Food Anywhere~Georgie Meatloaf~Secret Recipe FREE!


I have just completed a new Georgie Meatloaf Video. It is now on YouTube in my channel. Please view this new and updated video now. Many changes and information and on our article as well.

I decided to create my own dog food for my great little doggie, Georgie. He is the sweetest and one of the smartest little guys around and at 9 continues to amaze the vet.

Partially because of his genetics, he was a puppy mill dog we saved, but because of the food we feed him, he is healthy and happy. Tired of store-bought kibble or canned foods, try this recipe.

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This video is embedded in the article as well.

Many comments have been posted here and answered a number of times. I would ask all of my viewers to visit our website and read the updated article here. I have commented with links to articles on the following subjects.

Ketchup and Tomato sauce…good or bad
Calcium sources for your dog to be used in our meatloaf
Raw vs, Cooked and loss of nutritional value in microwaving, cooking and freezing
Cheese…Good or Bad
New ingredients including Pumpkin, Pears, Beans, Oatmeal and more. Read the Article…

You will find the answers you need in the article and the links for further articles and info on these subjects. Hopefully, you will understand after reading the article why Georgie Meatloaf is one of the best ways to keep your dog healthy and happy. I will be forced to delete comments that are redundant because the answers are all in my article which you should read.

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