How To Introduce Two Dogs To Each Other! (Aggressive Dog!)

In this Cesar Millan: Leader of the Pack episode, I help Daniella and Mike introduce their two dogs to each other.

Harry is aggressive and dominant while the other dog, Mia, is insecure.

It is important to be aware of your energy and body language.

As the Pack Leaders we must know how to use our tools to create the outcome we desire.

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How Can I Make Money Working With Dogs? Part 2

Another popular dog profession is running a doggy daycare. Many people who work feel very uneasy about leaving their dogs home alone all day. They don’t like to crate them or leave them lying around bored.

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Training Drug Detection Dogs

If you are interested in dog training you may want to consider becoming a drug dog trainer. Training dogs for drug detection can be a very lucrative business. Not only are dogs trained for law enforcement, but dogs can also be trained for private detection companies. These companies search businesses, schools and homes for different kinds of contraband.

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A common assumption is that drug dogs are able to find drugs because they are addicted to drugs themselves. Since drug dogs can find many types of drugs this would effectively mean they are serious junkies. Obviously that is quite false.

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