Reward Your Puppy When They Do THIS!

When a puppy exhibits good behavior, it’s important to let them know they’ve done something right. Positive reinforcement is key to successful puppy training. Whether it’s sitting, staying, or fetching on command, rewarding your puppy when they exhibit good behavior not only encourages them to continue that behavior but also strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some effective ways of rewarding your puppy when they do something positive.


Puppy training is an essential part of owning a dog, and it’s crucial to train them right from the beginning. But, it’s not always easy to know what to do and what to avoid. Dog trainers offer endless advice and different techniques, which can be overwhelming for a new dog owner. What’s refreshing about McCann Dog Training is their approach to training, which is always practical, straightforward, and easy to understand.

McCann Dog Training has just released a video titled, “10 Missed Moments in Puppy Training,” which is now available online. The video is packed with useful tips, tricks, and advice on puppy training that every new dog owner should know. Keep reading to discover what was covered in the video and what else McCann Dog Training offers.

10 Missed Moments in Puppy Training

The video produced by McCann Dog Training discusses 10 essential training moments that are often overlooked by puppy owners. The following are some of the moments that are discussed in the video:

1. Reward your puppy when they potty outside

Potty training a new puppy can be a frustrating experience for pet owners. However, when a puppy goes potty outside, it’s essential to reward them with treats and lots of praise. This encourages the puppy to continue this behavior, making potty training more manageable.

2. Reward your puppy when they come when called

Teaching your puppy to come when called can be challenging, but it’s crucial for their safety. In the video, McCann Dog Training advises rewarding your puppy with treats every time they come when called.

3. Reward your puppy for staying

Training your puppy to stay is an essential skill that every dog owner should teach their puppy. In the video, McCann Dog Training offers advice on how to train your dog to stay, emphasizing the importance of rewarding them when they get it right.

4. Reinforce good chewing habits

Puppies love to chew on anything and everything, which can be destructive to your home. McCann Dog Training suggests reinforcing good habits by giving your puppy chew toys and rewarding them when they chew on toys instead of furniture.

Personalized Help with Puppy Training

While the video offers comprehensive guidelines on puppy training, sometimes it’s better to get personalized help. McCann Dog Training offers online consultation with one of their experienced trainers to discuss specific problems or answer questions about your puppy’s behavior.

Moreover, a Life Skills program for dogs over five months is now available for pet owners. This program offers full support from a McCann Dogs trainer and a range of activities that can help dogs learn new skills, including loose-leash walking and sitting on command.

The McCann Dogs Store

The McCann Dog Training store has a range of dog products that the company recommends. From dog food to toys and training equipment, the store has everything a dog owner needs to ensure their furry friend is happy and healthy.

Subscription Option

If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest dog training techniques, McCann Dog Training offers a subscription option. You will receive regular updates, training advice, and exclusive content delivered straight to your inbox.

Music Recommendation

Did you know that music can help your dog to settle? In the video, McCann Dog Training suggests playing classical music to calm your dog down, making them less anxious and more relaxed.

HeartDog Supporter

McCann Dog Training also offers an opportunity to become a HeartDog supporter. This program supports dogs in need, and the donation goes towards their care and training.

McCann Dog Training Podcast

For those who love podcasts, McCann Dog Training has you covered. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, featuring informative discussions on dog training, dog behavior, and everything in between.

Brands with Dog-Related Products or Services

For businesses targeting dog owners, McCann Dog Training offers a partnership opportunity. With thousands of happy customers, partnering with McCann Dog Training could be an excellent way to showcase your dog-related products or services.


McCann Dog Training’s video titled “10 Missed Moments in Puppy Training” offers valuable insights into puppy training. From reinforcing good habits to personalizing training, McCann Dog Training has everything a pet owner needs to ensure their furry friend is trained correctly. Moreover, with a music recommendation, HeartDog supporter program, podcast, and subscription option, McCann Dog Training is the one-stop-shop for all things dog training.

FAQs After The Conclusion

1. How long is the video produced by McCann Dog Training?

The video is more than ten minutes long, featuring ten crucial training moments that are often missed by dog owners.

2. What kind of topics are covered in the McCann Dogs Podcast?

McCann Dogs Podcast discusses a wide range of dog-related topics, including dog training, behavior, and industry news.

3. Is the Life Skills program only for younger puppies?

No, the Life Skills program is designed for dogs over five months and offers personalized training to address specific problems.

4. Is McCann Dogs Store only available for Canadian residents?

No, the store is available for dog owners worldwide, and products can be shipped to multiple countries.

5. What is HeartDog Supporter, and how does it work?

HeartDog supporter is a program designed to support dogs in need. By donating, pet owners can help provide care and training for dogs in shelters or rescues.