The New Dog Training Challenges After Lock Downs

If you’re a new dog owner, you may have started to notice that there are some pretty challenging situations coming up in your dog training as the world begins to open up. Over the past several months as we’ve been under varying degrees of lockdown throughout the world, our dogs have been living a fairly unusual life. Certainly not the same life that a puppy or dog would have lived 2 years ago. In this livestream, Instructor Kayl and Instructor Ken will talk about some of the challenges that their students have faced. They’ll also talk about how you can teach your dog to live comfortably and happily in this human world that’s constantly changing. There are lots of scary, unusual, interesting new things for your dog to experience. And making sure that your dog has a positive experience will help you to train them faster, be more successful, and enjoy your training time with your dog! Join professional dog trainers, Ken Steepe and Kayl McCann at 7:30 PM, EST on Thursday and hop aboard the training train in another episode of the Train Station. Do you have a dog training question? Let us know about it in the chat!

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