Training Tip: How to Crate Train Your Dog

Wendi Faircloth, Training Director at Villa La PAWS, shows & tells how to easily and successfully crate train your dog. For additional information on this and other training topics, call 888-855-7833 x3 or visit

Why Isn’t Punishment an Effective Training Method for a Dog?

Learn why punishment is not an effective training method for dogs. Expert advice that will make training your dog so much easier.

The Simplest Way To Choose A Dog Kennel

Keeping your dog safe outdoors is extremely important. Dog kennels make this possible however there are a few tips you need first to help you choose the right one.

Tips to Training Stubborn English Bulldogs

English bulldogs are fantastic family pets. These loyal and affectionate dogs appeal to families around the world with their short and muscular bodies and host of wrinkles. They are the most adorable puppies and beautiful dogs when fully grown. The one thing that many dog owners don’t realize is that while English bulldogs make such amazing family pets, they are exceptionally stubborn.

How to Keep Your Dog Calm At The Vet

Learn helpful tips about how to keep your dog calm at the vets. Expert advice from those who really know their stuff.

Top Bulldogs Breeds

There are a number of different dog breeds you can choose from when welcoming a new puppy into the home. There are also a number of important factors to take into consideration to ensure the dog you choose blends in with your family, is good with your children and will accept other pets.

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