What’s Your Crate Training Schedule? #mccanndogs

The blog post begins with an introduction highlighting the topic of crate training schedules: When it comes to crate training, having a well-structured schedule can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth and successful experience for your furry friend. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of crate training schedules, offering valuable insights and tips to help you establish a routine that works best for your four-legged companion. Whether you’re a new pet owner or looking to enhance your crate training techniques, stay tuned to discover the secrets behind an effective crate training schedule. Let’s embark on this journey together to ensure that your dog’s crate becomes a safe and comfortable haven they can truly call their own.

What’s Your Crate Training Schedule? A Review of McCann Dog Training’s Video

Crate training is an essential aspect of raising a well-behaved and happy dog. By providing a safe and secure space for your furry friend, crate training can help them feel comfortable and establish a routine. McCann Dog Training, a renowned dog training company, has created a helpful video discussing crate training schedules. In this article, we will review the video, explore the key points, and share some valuable insights on crate training. So, let’s dive in!

Review of McCann Dog Training’s Video

  1. Get personalized help with puppy training, tailored to you and your puppy.
    McCann Dog Training understands that every puppy is unique and requires individual attention. Their video emphasizes the importance of personalized training, taking into account the specific needs and temperament of each puppy. By tailoring the training to you and your puppy, McCann Dog Training ensures that you receive the best possible guidance to effectively crate train your furry companion.

  2. Introducing the Life Skills program for dogs over 5 months old, supported by a McCann Dogs trainer.
    While crate training is commonly associated with puppies, McCann Dog Training recognizes that dogs of all ages can benefit from crate training. Their Life Skills program, designed for dogs over 5 months old, provides valuable training techniques to help your dog become well-behaved and obedient. With the support of a McCann Dogs trainer, you can tackle crate training at any stage of your dog’s life.

  3. Visit our store to see the dog products we love.
    In their video, McCann Dog Training encourages viewers to explore their store, which features a selection of high-quality dog products. From crates to toys, they recommend products that they personally love and trust. By utilizing these recommended items, you can enhance your dog’s crate training experience and provide them with the best tools for success.

  4. Don’t forget to subscribe.
    Like any professional content creator, McCann Dog Training values the importance of building a community and staying connected with their audience. They encourage viewers to subscribe to their YouTube channel and follow them on social media platforms to receive regular updates, training tips, and exclusive content. By subscribing, you can stay informed and continue learning from their expertise.

  5. Settle your dog with relaxing music.
    A useful tip provided in McCann Dog Training’s video is the use of relaxing music to help your dog settle in their crate. Dogs are sensitive to their surroundings, and soothing music can create a calming atmosphere, making the crate a more inviting space. McCann Dog Training recommends playing soft music to help your furry friend feel relaxed and comfortable while crate training.

  6. Become a HeartDog Supporter by clicking here.
    McCann Dog Training offers a unique opportunity for viewers to become HeartDog Supporters. By clicking on the provided link, individuals can contribute to McCann Dog Training’s mission of enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners through training and education. This initiative allows supporters to further engage with the McCann Dog Training community and make a positive impact on the world of dog training.

  7. Check out our podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
    In addition to their informative videos, McCann Dog Training also hosts a podcast available on popular platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The podcast covers a wide range of dog-related topics, including crate training and other training techniques. By tuning in, you can access even more valuable insights and training advice from the experienced trainers at McCann Dog Training.

  8. Brands can email us to showcase dog-related products or services.
    McCann Dog Training extends an invitation to brands interested in showcasing their dog-related products or services. They emphasize their willingness to collaborate with relevant companies and promote quality products that align with their mission. This opportunity not only benefits businesses by reaching a targeted audience but also allows viewers to discover exceptional dog products recommended by trusted experts.

In conclusion, McCann Dog Training’s video on crate training schedules provides valuable insights and practical tips for dog owners. Their emphasis on personalized training, the introduction of the Life Skills program, and the promotion of trusted dog products demonstrate their commitment to supporting dogs and their owners. Remember to subscribe to their YouTube channel, explore their store, and tune in to their podcast for even more expert advice. Thanks for watching and happy training!


  1. How long should crate training sessions be?
    It is recommended to start with short crate training sessions, around 10-15 minutes, and gradually increase the duration as your dog becomes more comfortable and familiar with their crate.

  2. Can crate training help with housebreaking?
    Yes, crate training can be a valuable tool in housebreaking your dog. By utilizing the crate as a controlled environment, you can establish a routine and encourage your dog to develop good bathroom habits.

  3. Is crate training suitable for all dogs?
    Crate training can be beneficial for most dogs, but it is important to consider your dog’s specific needs and temperament. Some dogs may not require extensive crate training, while others might benefit greatly from it.

  4. How do I make the crate a welcoming space for my dog?
    You can make the crate more inviting by placing comfortable bedding, favorite toys, and even treats inside. Positive reinforcement and associating the crate with positive experiences will help your dog view it as a safe and relaxing place.

  5. Can I use a crate for my adult dog?
    Absolutely! While crate training is commonly associated with puppies, adult dogs can also benefit from it. Whether you are introducing a new crate or retraining your adult dog, following a crate training schedule can help establish good behaviors and routines.

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