Why You Shouldn’t Walk Your Dog Around The Block

We show you five reasons why it’s not a good idea to take your dog on neighbourhood walks. In this Dogs And video we also give you a list of other activities you can enjoy with your dog, which are beneficial, good for overall behaviour and easy to do!

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dog running out of the gate
dog aggressive during walks
dog pulling on lead
dog scared of walks

Why Do Dogs Howl?

We all know that dogs bark and whine and cry and whimper. These are all perfectly normal ways for a dog to communicate. But you may forget that dogs howl, too. They may not do it very often, but your dog is just as capable of howling as any wolf or coyote.

Dogs Like Stuffed Toys

Just why do dogs like stuffed toys? If you’ve ever watched your dog rip the stuffing from a stuffie, or gently carry a stuffed animal around like a friend, you may have wondered why dogs like them so much. The answers can be complex.

The First Night Your Puppy Is At Home

For anyone who’s ever known the joy and anticipation of waiting to bring a new puppy home, you know what it’s like when you finally bring your prize home. The first night your puppy is at home with you is loaded with excitement. That’s why it’s best to plan ahead so both you and your puppy can have the best first night together possible.

Do De-Shedding Tools Work?

You’ve probably seen some of the ads on TV for these wonder tools that almost magically whisk away mountains of fur from dogs. They look great – but do they really work? Can it really be that easy to remove all that hair? Well, the answer is yes, and no. Yes, they do work but there is some actual work involved.

Including Your Dog In Celebrations

Who doesn’t enjoy a celebration? Well, most of us do. And if you have a dog in your family there’s every chance that your dog would like to be included when you celebrate. Including your dog in celebrations can be a lot of fun. Here are some tips to having a great time with your dog.

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