Words Don’t Matter to your Puppy

Words hold little significance for a puppy, as communication relies on nuances beyond verbal language. To our furry companions, it is not the content, but rather the emotional cues and body language that convey meaning. Understanding this fundamental aspect of their language is vital in fostering a deep bond with your canine friend. In this blog post, we will explore the intriguing world of non-verbal communication between humans and puppies, unraveling the keys to effective understanding and connection.


When it comes to training a puppy, many people believe that words hold the key to success. However, McCann Dog Training has created a captivating video that challenges this notion. In this review, we will delve into the video titled “Words Don’t Matter to your Puppy” and uncover the alternative techniques employed by McCann Dogs for effective puppy training. So, let’s dive right in!

He/She Can Get Personalized Help with Puppy Training

One of the standout features of McCann Dog Training is their ability to provide personalized help with puppy training specific to individual needs. Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or have experienced challenges in training your pup, McCann Dogs has a team of expert trainers ready to assist you. Through their guidance, you can develop a training plan tailored to your puppy’s unique requirements.

The Life Skills Program for Dogs Over 5 Months

In the video, McCann Dogs introduces viewers to their Life Skills program, designed for dogs over 5 months old. This program offers comprehensive training supported by a McCann Dogs trainer. By enrolling your dog in this program, you can address common behavioral issues and foster optimal obedience and socialization skills for your furry friend.

Discover Recommended Dog Products

To simplify the process of finding reliable and trusted dog products, McCann Dogs has curated a store where viewers can explore a range of items recommended by their team. From training tools to pet essentials, this store ensures that dog owners have access to high-quality products that can aid in their training journey.

Stay Updated with the Latest Content

For those eager to stay up-to-date with the latest in puppy training, McCann Dogs provides a subscription option. By subscribing, viewers gain access to a wealth of valuable content, including instructional videos, training tips, and exclusive updates. This ensures that you never miss out on the newest techniques and insights from the experts at McCann Dogs.

Settle Your Dog with Soothing Music

Creating a calm and relaxed environment is crucial during puppy training. McCann Dogs acknowledges this and offers soothing music to help settle your dog. By playing these specially curated tunes, you can create a peaceful atmosphere that keeps your pup focused, engaged, and receptive to learning.

Become a HeartDog Supporter

McCann Dogs encourages viewers to become HeartDog Supporters, fostering a community of dog lovers dedicated to making a positive impact. By clicking on a specific link, visitors can contribute to the cause and help McCann Dogs continue their invaluable work in improving the lives of dogs and their owners.

Access the McCann Dogs Podcast

In addition to their informative videos, McCann Dogs extends their reach through their podcast, available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. This podcast provides an audio platform for dog owners to delve deeper into training techniques, behavior management, and other relevant topics. By tuning in, you can gain valuable insights on the go.

Opportunities for Brands

For brands looking to showcase dog-related products or services, McCann Dogs offers email opportunities for collaboration. This serves as a fantastic avenue for businesses to align themselves with a trusted and respected name in the dog training community, expanding their reach to a committed and engaged audience.

Video Presentation by Ken

Throughout the video, the training expertise is presented by Ken, a knowledgeable and experienced individual from McCann Dogs. His engaging and relatable approach ensures that viewers feel connected and motivated to implement the techniques showcased in the video.


The video “Words Don’t Matter to your Puppy,” created by McCann Dog Training, challenges traditional training methods and provides alternative techniques to effectively train your puppy. With personalized help, a Life Skills program, product recommendations, subscription options, soothing music, opportunities to support the cause, a podcast, and collaboration prospects, McCann Dogs offers a holistic approach to puppy training. Get ready to elevate your training journey and witness the remarkable progress your furry companion can achieve.


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