Your 10 Minute Morning Puppy Training Plan

I am excited to share with you my 10 Minute Morning Puppy Training Plan. As a dog lover and owner myself, I understand the importance of starting the day on the right paw with your furry friend. In just 10 minutes each morning, you can set the tone for a productive and enjoyable day of training and bonding with your puppy. Join me as I walk you through my tried-and-true routine to help you and your puppy make the most out of your mornings together. Let’s dive in and see what this training plan has in store for you and your furry companion!


Hey there, dog lovers! Are you a proud puppy parent who finds it challenging to squeeze in enough training time in your busy morning routine? Well, fret no more, because I am here to share with you the ultimate 10-minute morning puppy training plan that will have your little furry friend ready to conquer the day before you head out to work. So grab your coffee, leash up your pup, and let’s dive into this quick and effective routine!

1. Start with a Potty Break!

Before anything else, it’s essential to ensure that your pup relieves themselves before being cooped up inside for hours. Take your furry buddy out for a refreshing potty break in the designated spot. This helps avoid any accidents and sets the stage for a successful training session.

2. Teach Basic Commands: Sit, Stay, and Come

As a responsible pet owner, it’s crucial to teach your puppy basic commands that will pave the way for good behavior and effective communication. Dedicate a few minutes each morning to reinforcing these commands:

  • Sit: Start by holding a small treat above your pup’s head, slowly moving it backward. As their nose follows the treat, their bottom should naturally lower into a sitting position. Reward them with praise and the treat when they accomplish this.
  • Stay: With your pup in the sitting position, step back a few feet and raise your palm toward them, using the “stay” cue. Gradually increase the distance and duration. Remember to reward them when they successfully maintain the stay.
  • Come: Using a cheerful voice, encourage your pup to come to you while kneeling down and extending your arms. Make it a rewarding experience by offering praise, treats, or their favorite toy upon their arrival.

3. Focus on Leash Training

A well-behaved pup on a leash is an absolute game-changer during those morning walks. Dedicate a few minutes to leash training each morning, focusing on these essential steps:

  • Introduce the Leash: Gradually acquaint your puppy with the leash by placing it near them during playtime and feeding. Allow them to sniff and investigate the leash, associating it with positive experiences.
  • Harness or Collar Practice: Gently and slowly introduce the concept of wearing a harness or collar. Begin with short periods and gradually increase the duration, making sure your pup remains comfortable.
  • Walking Practice: With the leash attached, encourage your pup to walk beside you without pulling. Use treats and verbal praise to reinforce good behavior and keep them engaged during the process.

4. Tackle Separation Anxiety

Leaving your puppy alone for extended periods can sometimes trigger separation anxiety. To prevent this, incorporate a few minutes of training designed to ease their worries:

  • Gradual Absences: Start by leaving your pup alone for a few seconds and then return, slowly increasing the duration. Reward them each time you come back and ensure they remain calm during your absence.
  • Interactive Toys or Treats: Provide your furry friend with mental stimulation by offering interactive toys or treat puzzles. These keep them occupied and entertained, diverting their attention from your departure.

5. End with a Positive Experience

To conclude your morning puppy training session, wrap up with a positive experience that your pup looks forward to:

  • Reward Time: Grant your pup a small treat or engage in a quick round of play with their favorite toy as a reward for their hard work and good behavior during the training session.
  • Words of Encouragement: Shower your puppy with love, praise, and encouraging words to create a positive association with the training experience.


With this 10-minute morning puppy training plan, you can set your pup up for success even on the busiest of days. Remember to be patient, consistent, and reinforce positive behavior. So, grab those treats, put on your training hat, and watch your puppy flourish with newfound skills. Thanks for reading and happy training!

FAQs After The Conclusion

1. Is this 10-minute training plan suitable for all breeds of puppies?
Yes, this training plan is suitable for all breeds of puppies. It focuses on basic obedience commands and essential skills that are beneficial for every puppy’s development.

2. Can I use this plan if I have multiple puppies?
Absolutely! This training plan can be adjusted to accommodate multiple puppies. However, it is essential to give each puppy individual attention during the training session.

3. How long should I follow this 10-minute plan before moving to more advanced training?
The duration of following this training plan before moving to more advanced training depends on your puppy’s progress. Once your pup has mastered the basics and consistently demonstrates good behavior, you can begin introducing more advanced training techniques.

4. Do I need any specific training tools for this plan?
No, this training plan does not require any specific tools. However, having small treats, a leash, and toys handy can be helpful in reinforcing positive behavior.

5. Can I incorporate this training plan into my evening routine as well?
Absolutely! While this plan is designed for a quick morning session, you can easily incorporate it into your evening routine as well. Consistency is key when it comes to training your puppy.

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