The dog is going to follow your energy!

When it comes to training a dog, their behavior often mirrors the energy you emit. The dog observes your every move, sensing your feelings and responding accordingly. Understanding this dynamic is crucial for effectively guiding and influencing your furry companion. In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating connection between a dog’s behavior and the energy manifested by their human counterparts. Discover how you can harness this connection to create a harmonious and balanced relationship with your canine companion.


In this article, we will be reviewing a captivating and informative YouTube video created by renowned dog behaviorist, Cesar Millan. This video, which is approximately 8 minutes long, delves into the fascinating concept that dogs follow human energy. Cesar Millan, the speaker in the video, provides valuable insights and information on this topic, presenting it in an engaging and informative manner.

The Dog is Going to Follow Your Energy!

Cesar Millan begins the video by emphasizing the importance of energy when it comes to interacting with dogs. He asserts that dogs are highly attuned to human energy and are capable of sensing our emotions and intentions. According to Millan, a dog’s behavior is greatly influenced by the energy emitted by its owner or the person it is interacting with.

To illustrate his point, Millan shares examples from his personal experiences working with dogs. He explains how a dog can become anxious or fearful if it detects negative or unstable energy in its environment. Conversely, a dog can become calm, relaxed, and submissive when exposed to positive and assertive energy.

To further support his claims, Millan offers practical tips and strategies for individuals to manage their energy when interacting with dogs. He stresses the importance of remaining calm, confident, and assertive to establish a strong leadership position. Millan believes that by exuding positive energy, dog owners can create a harmonious and balanced environment for their pets.

Key Insights and Information

Throughout the video, Cesar Millan imparts valuable insights and information related to the concept of dogs following human energy. Some of the key takeaways from the video include:

  1. Dogs are highly perceptive beings: Millan highlights the innate ability of dogs to sense and respond to human energy. This suggests that their behavior is deeply influenced by the emotional state of the people around them.

  2. Energy affects behavior: According to Millan, the energy emitted by a person can significantly impact a dog’s behavior. Dogs tend to mirror and mimic the energy they perceive from humans, reinforcing the concept that energy is a fundamental aspect of communication between dogs and humans.

  3. The importance of calm, assertive energy: Millan emphasizes the significance of projecting a calm and assertive energy when interacting with dogs. This helps establish a clear hierarchy and promotes a sense of security and stability, instilling confidence in the dog.

  4. Personal experiences and case studies: Throughout the video, Millan shares anecdotes and case studies to provide real-life examples of how energy affects dog behavior. These insights, drawn from his extensive experience, offer practical applications for viewers to implement in their own interactions with dogs.

Is the Video Engaging and Informative?

Yes, the video created by Cesar Millan is not only engaging but also highly informative. Millan’s charisma and expertise shine through as he passionately discusses the topic. His ability to connect with the audience and weave in personal experiences makes the video relatable and captivating.

The use of visuals, such as dogs exhibiting different behaviors based on human energy, further enhances the engagement factor. Additionally, the video’s professional production quality ensures a pleasant viewing experience with clear audio and video.

Who Should Watch the Video?

This video is suitable for anyone interested in better understanding the dynamics between humans and dogs. Whether you are a dog owner, a professional in the pet industry, or simply intrigued by canine behavior, this video offers valuable insights and practical tips.

The information shared by Cesar Millan has the potential to transform how people interact with their dogs, leading to more harmonious relationships based on trust and respect.


In conclusion, Cesar Millan’s YouTube video on how dogs follow human energy provides a captivating and informative exploration of this intriguing concept. With his wealth of experience and expertise, Millan effectively conveys the importance of projecting calm, assertive energy to positively influence a dog’s behavior. The video’s professional production quality and engaging delivery make it a valuable resource for individuals interested in enhancing their relationship with their furry companions.


  1. Q: How can dogs sense human energy?
    A: Dogs possess highly developed senses, including the ability to read human body language and detect subtle changes in energy levels, allowing them to sense human energy.

  2. Q: Are all dogs equally sensitive to human energy?
    A: While dogs, in general, are sensitive to human energy, individual dogs may vary in their level of sensitivity based on factors such as breed, temperament, and early socialization experiences.

  3. Q: Can projecting positive energy improve dog training outcomes?
    A: Yes, projecting positive energy can have a significant impact on dog training outcomes. Dogs respond better to training when their owners exhibit calm, confident, and assertive energy.

  4. Q: How can I project calm, assertive energy?
    A: Projecting calm, assertive energy involves maintaining a relaxed yet confident demeanor, setting clear boundaries, and communicating assertively through body language.

  5. Q: Can energy alone solve all behavioral issues in dogs?
    A: While projecting the right energy is crucial for establishing a healthy relationship with your dog, addressing behavioral issues may require additional training techniques and professional guidance.