This DOG grabs EVERYTHING in the house! (Cesar911 Shorts)

In this Cesar911 Episode, I help a family who’s dog, Murphy, an 80 pound golden doodle, controls the house.

Murphy grabs everything in the house and is a menace!

This episode focuses on the importance of creating boundaries for your dog.

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Your Dog Training Business Needs to Advertise on Craigslist

I’m assuming that everybody knows about Craigslist, but if you don’t take a trip over to, find your city and see what’s available. Craigslist is a big deal and is available all over the U.S., Canada and even all over the world. They actually receive billions of people a month coming to look for items that are for sale or services that they need.

Training for Aggressive Dogs

If you own a dog, and you are concerned about its temperament being too aggressive, then you may want to consider dog training. Owning a dog that is aggressive to other dogs and people can be a big problem, and you could end up facing a legal challenge. Each state in the United States handles dog attacks differently, and if your dog attacks someone, you could end up in jail, whilst your beloved pet ends up being put down.

5 Things Your Dog Wants You To Remember

Whether or not you realize this fact dogs want the same thing that you want, companionship. Yes dogs are pack animals and not only enjoy being with other members of the pack but they absolutely need it to be happy. When you stop and think for a moment humans are the same. Isolation is complete torture for a human and the same for a dog. So as a member of your pack your dog has a few things it hopes you will remember. Lets talk about those things.

Stop Your Dog From Chasing Cats And Cars

It’s really funny but a lot of the things our dogs do are much cuter when they’re puppies and they can’t do them very well. It’s cute when a puppy chews on your shoes, but it’s not so cute when he’s older and he can destroy them. The same is true when your puppy chases cats or cars. It’s cute when he can’t get to them.

5 Things Your Dog Wants To Tell You About Training

Do you ever wonder if your dog would like to be able to communicate with you? Well he actually would love to tell you a few things about what the two of you are doing together with his training. Since you didn’t catch it in his body language here it is in human language.

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