Do You Have A HYPER Puppy That Never Gets Tired?

Let’s face it, your puppy is FULL of energy! It’s adorable, fun, and GREAT for training. But at some point, you’re going to need them to slow down a bit. Even if it’s so you can work. In this video, Instructor Kayl is going to give you some puppy exercise tips that will actually tire out your hyper puppy!

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00:00 Puppy Exercise Tips
00:57 Tire Out Your Puppy With A Twist On An Old Game
02:33 Get MORE Out Of Your Puppy Exercise
03:51 The Big Mistake People Make WIth Puppy “Exercise”
04:58 The Puppy Fetch And How Not To RUIN It!
11:04 The Puppy Training Secret To Perfect Recalls
12:45 Tiring Out Your Puppy Is Only Part Of This

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Happy Training! ~Ken
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