Puppy Pees When Excited – How To Stop It

Puppy Pees When Excited – How To Stop It // Does your puppy pee when they are excited? Is there puppy pee or piddle on the floor when your puppy greets someone. Your new puppy needs to learn how to remain calm when meeting and greeting others. In this video Michele Lennon from How to Train A Dream Dog will discuss how to stop your puppy from peeing or having piddles on the floor when they are excited.

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There are many advantages that come with using a leash for your dog. Some of the advantages include: you prevent the dog from getting hit by the car or getting injured from falling into a hole. Types of Dog Leashes There are many types of dog leashes that you can buy for your dog. The main ones include: Standard: this is ideal if you are planning of undertaking basic training. The leash is also ideal if you want to use it for daily activities such as walking the dog in the park. Standard leashes usually measure between 4 and 8 feet. The cool thing with them is that they are made from different materials that are appealing to many customers.

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