This is Why You’ve Never Seen Me Train an Aggressive Dog (Pt 2) #dogtrainer #dogtraining #zakgeorge

In the captivating sequel to “This is Why You’ve Never Seen Him Train an Aggressive Dog (Pt 1),” renowned dog trainer, Zak George, delves deeper into his unique approach to handling challenging canine behaviors. With a steadfast commitment to positive reinforcement and a thorough understanding of the intricate nuances of dog training, Zak unveils his enlightening perspective on transforming aggressive dogs into well-behaved companions. Join him on this transformative journey as he shares his invaluable insights and strategies, proving once again why he is the go-to expert in the world of dog training. #dogtrainer #dogtraining #zakgeorge


In the world of dog training, there’s a vast array of videos showcasing different techniques, methods, and outcomes. One popular content creator in this space is Zak George, known for his informative and engaging videos that provide valuable insights into dog behavior and training. However, some viewers may have noticed that Zak George rarely showcases the training of aggressive dogs in his videos. In this review, we will explore the reasons behind this approach and the misconceptions that can arise from it.

Watching videos showcasing aggressive behaviors in dog training perpetuates misconceptions

  1. Misconceptions about dog behavior: Aggressive behaviors in dogs are often misunderstood by the general public. By showcasing aggression in videos, there is a risk of perpetuating these misconceptions and reinforcing the idea that aggressive behavior is a norm or a desired response in dog training.

  2. Undermining evidence-backed methods: Professional trainers rely on evidence-backed methods that prioritize positive reinforcement and humane training techniques. While aggression may sometimes be a part of a dog’s behavior, focusing solely on aggressive outbursts undermines the effectiveness of these evidence-based methods.

Insisting on seeing aggressive outbursts in videos is not helpful

  1. Limited representation: It’s essential to understand that aggressive behaviors captured in a video do not provide a comprehensive understanding of a dog’s behavior. Insisting on seeing aggressive outbursts in videos may lead to a skewed perception of a dog’s overall temperament and behavior.

  2. Individual dog needs: Each dog is unique, and the causes of aggression can vary greatly. It is crucial to assess and address aggressive behaviors through personalized training plans tailored to the specific needs of each dog. Focusing on aggressive outbursts alone does not provide a holistic approach to training.

The content creator does work with aggressive dogs, but it may not be shown in videos

  1. Practical constraints: Training aggressive dogs requires a controlled environment, experienced trainers, and intensive supervision. It may not always be practical or safe to film these training sessions for public consumption. While Zak George does work with aggressive dogs, it is understandable that these particular training sessions may not be showcased in videos.

  2. Focus on broader audience: Zak George’s videos cater to a wide range of dog owners, from novices to experienced trainers. The primary focus is on providing accessible training techniques that apply to everyday people with common dog behavior issues. The absence of aggressive dog training in videos does not negate the expertise of the content creator or his ability to work with aggressive dogs.

The video is about stopping dog aggression for everyday people

In Zak George’s video titled “This is Why You’ve Never Seen Me Train an Aggressive Dog (Pt 2)”, he addresses the curiosity surrounding the absence of aggressive dog training in his videos. The purpose of this video is to explain to viewers that while aggressive dog behavior is an important topic, it may not be necessary to showcase it extensively in his content. Instead, the focus is on providing practical guidance and techniques that can help everyday people address and prevent aggression in their dogs.


  1. Q: Does Zak George believe that aggression in dogs should be ignored?
    A: No, Zak George recognizes the importance of addressing aggression in dogs and believes in using evidence-backed methods to tackle this issue.

  2. Q: Are the techniques shown in Zak George’s videos effective for training aggressive dogs?
    A: While the techniques showcased in Zak George’s videos are effective for a wide range of dog behavior issues, aggressive dog training requires specialized expertise and individualized approaches.

  3. Q: Are there any resources for training aggressive dogs recommended by Zak George?
    A: Yes, Zak George often highlights the importance of seeking professional help and guidance for training aggressive dogs. He encourages viewers to consult certified trainers who specialize in aggression issues.

  4. Q: How can I address aggression in my dog without professional help?
    A: It is generally recommended to seek professional guidance when dealing with aggression in dogs. However, Zak George’s videos provide valuable insights and techniques that can help prevent aggression and improve dog behavior to a certain extent.

  5. Q: Should I be concerned if my dog shows signs of aggression after following Zak George’s training methods?
    A: If your dog shows signs of aggression or any concerning behaviors, it is essential to consult a professional trainer who can assess the situation and provide personalized guidance.


While Zak George’s videos may not extensively showcase the training of aggressive dogs, it is important to recognize the limitations and reasons behind this approach. By understanding the misconceptions surrounding aggressive behavior in dogs and the need for evidence-based training methods, viewers can appreciate the broader focus of Zak George’s content and apply the practical techniques provided to address aggression issues effectively. Remember, seeking professional help when dealing with aggression is always highly recommended.