Can Alexa Help You Train Your Dog? Introducing Al the Dog Trainer, An Amazon Alexa Skill.

Can your Alexa enabled device help you with your dog training? Well, that’s exactly what the Al the Dog Trainer Alexa skill is attempting to do.

The skill can answer common questions like how to get your dog to stop jumping, stop pulling on the leash, how to potty train your dog and so much more.

If you ask a question that the skill already knows, then you will immediately receive an answer. If the skill doesn’t know the answer, then Al and his team will get to work creating a thought out response and will then add that to the skill.

In this video, Al will be giving you a walkthrough of how to ask a question, what happens when you get a response, where to find the skills pdf guide, and how to check the knowledge base of what the skill already knows.

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I’ve made it my mission to give away all the knowledge I have and will acquire throughout my career. I’m always thinking about guy new ways to help you and your dog. So, if you’d like a list of what I’m currently doing, you can find it here!
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I’m very excited about the advances in voice technology and can see how it could help us with our dogs. If you have an Amazon Echo Device, please be sure to enable these skills!

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