Dog Training Demo: Stand, Sit and Down Under March / Saajan Saji Cyriac K9 Dog Training School

Stand, sit and down under March… It’s a competition item from FCI obedience world championship.

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What To Do If Your Dog Is Stung By A Bee

As we all know, dog’s are inquisitive, playful creatures and have a tendency to chase things. Unfortunately, this means they may stir up an angry hive of bees from time to time and succumb to the dreaded bee sting! This article details how to tell best deal with the situation and more important information.

How to Treat Your Dog’s Space

Dog space is something that many dog owners never even think about. They have their dog, feed it, take care of its health and maybe exercise or play with it. They consider that these are the primary needs of the dog and that is enough. Well, maybe they are forgetting one little detail. The same as us humans like to have our home, our own space at the working area, our own lockers, desks, bedrooms, etc., so do dogs.

Slicker Brush – Utilizing This Dog Brush Correctly And Comfortably

A slicker brush is surely an efficient and convenient dog grooming brush which is widely used for almost any breed of dog regardless of whether the dogs have long or even shorter coat. It’s also the right brush to be used in order to take out mats as well as knots and can be also made use of as a deshedding tool. The dog comb is usually best-known to help improve very good blood circulation and can also effortlessly eliminate any kind of dust or particles within your dog’s coat.

My Dog Is Scared of Storms

Often times a thunderstorm can be a stressful time for a dog. With a few tips and tricks, making this a less fearful time for your dog is possible.

What a Groomer Should Look for When Health Checking a Dog

Dog groomers spend a lot of time looking at a dog. They can be instrumental in early detection of poor health and disease in dogs. This article describes what to look for and the order to do it.

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