Dog Training Games – When Stuck At Home

Dog Training Games – When Stuck at Home // Dog training games should be a part of your puppy training. In this video, I’ll discuss the puppy training games you can play when you are stuck at home. If you have a new puppy and you need ideas on how to train a puppy at home you’ll learn what games and dog obedience skills to focus on. You can work on canine enrichment games, crate training games, impulse control games, obedience training games and even distraction training games.

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Examining Why There Are So Many Dogs Getting Cancer

Everyone wants to have the best for man’s best friend. Dogs are often far more than just pets, they quickly become members of the family. Everyone wants their dogs to be healthy, and it can be frustrating or even heart breaking to see so many older family dogs who end up suffering from cancer. This seems to happen so much more often than it used to, but is that really the case? How do we tackle the question of why are there so many dogs who suffer from cancer now?

Dog Bites: Now What?

If you or a loved one have been attacked by a dog, immediately clean the wounded area with a clean cloth and disinfectant, and then seek medical care. As noted above, one of the most serious consequences of a dog bite is infection. Seek proper care and after that, contact a dog bite law firm who will be able to determine if you have a dog attack lawsuit.

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