Find the Best leash for dogs – 2017 review + accessories

Check out our review of our favorite leashes for dogs, and recommended accessories! **** Download the FREE Simpawtico Basic Gear Buyer’s Guide here:


Here are links to all the products mentioned in this video:

Rok Strap Dog Leashes

EzyDog Zero Shock Leashes

NEW KONG LEASHES (currently all are only sold at PetSmart)

Kong Comfort Bungee w/Tether Clip
The thickest, and toughest of the new Kong leashes. Features the bungee, loop handle, traffic loop, neoprene padding, D-ring, and the tether clip on the loop handle

Kong Dual-Handled Comfort (Basic)
This is the basic, stripped down replacement for the old Comfort Quick Control leash. Bare bones, but totally effective.

Kong Padded Handle Comfort Leash w/Pouch
Features reflective piping, and an accessory pouch.


Primal Pet Dual Handle
This is my favorite of the dual handled leashes.

Black Rhino Dual Handle (w/Poop Bag)
This is my next favorite. For only two bucks more it comes with a great poop bag holder.

Mighty Paw HandleX2
Another bare bones workhorse. Less expensive than the new Kong Comfort. Neoprene handles and reflective stitching.

Ezy Dog Vario 6
Love this leash! Super versatile and strong. I have four of these!


Mighty Paw Poop Bag Holder
Comes in two colors and comes with a free roll of matching baggies.

K9 Handler Gloves by 5.11 Tactical
UNBEATABLE quality on these. And the design is amazing how it redistributes stress from a leash. I carry them everywhere with me in my load-out.


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About this video:
In this video, Ian Stone from Simpawtico Dog Training reviews an assortment of leashes to find the best leash for dogs. Geared towards the average dog owner we look at practical, no-nonsense features that will help you the most. What works, what doesn’t, plus Ian’s experience as a professional trainer factor into the review! PLUS, some of our favorite accessories are included as well!

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, Simpawtico Dog Training, LLC will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we use personally, and that we believe will add value to our viewers. The price you pay is the same whether you use the affiliate link or not.

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