Heeling: Dog Training Tips from Villa La PAWS

Wendi Faircloth, Director of Training at Villa La PAWS demonstrates the best way to teach your dog proper heeling. Have your dog walk with you in a safe and leisurely manner.

Why Dogs Tend To Dig

As annoying as it can become, digging is a part of a dog’s nature. Some dogs will destroy a whole backyard by digging constantly, while other dogs may only dig a small amount. If you are looking for ways to curb your dog’s digging habits you have come to the right place.

Why It’s Important To Vaccinate Your New Puppy ASAP

We all know how important is to get our children vaccinated, not only does it keep them from coming down with many childhood diseases, but in some cases it could save their life as well. The same thing goes for getting your dog vaccinated, before they start socializing with other dogs, because then they become at high risk for contracting several different, dangerous, dog diseases. And, since some dog owners don’t get their dogs vaccinated, the risk is then higher for all other dogs that socialize with them. For now let’s take a look at some of the different vaccinations you should get for your puppy and some of their symptoms.

Are You Ready to Share Your Life With a Dog?

You have a few very important decisions to make before you get a pet dog. What are they?

Why You Should Toss Your Retractable Leash

Many pet owners swear by retractable leashes. They feel that using these leashes makes it much easier to take their dog for a walk. However, these devices come with a host of problems. You should toss your retractable leash and replace it with something safer.

How to Train Your Dog Positively

Positive Dog Training is still relatively new even though it has been around for a couple of decades now. People still train their dogs using force, even as little as using choke collars or pulling back on the lead when walking. Unfortunately, this does not teach the dog what to do, it only teaches them to be afraid. Welcome to the world of positive dog training. There are four main parts to positive training:

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