How to teach your dog “Sit Pretty”

In this video I’m brain can sit Brits it Down into five easy steps coming up [Music] Secretly requires a lot of poor friend And balance and make sure that you give Your dog enough sessions to get the Muscle memory and strength to be able to Do this trick Step one is to lower your dog into under Step two is you’re going to lure the Dog’s head up and to his front paws that Come off of the floor good job good boy [Music] Once you know is happily predisposed Upper floor endeavors just like that Then you can move on to step three step Three help your dog balance do this by Popping your hand on their chest now That they’re in an under position and We’ve got our hand on their chest we’re Stopping them from falling backwards and Forwards this is really really going to Help fast-forward them learning with the Balance or this trick [Music] Once your dog is no longer relying on The hand on the chest to find his Balance you can move on to step 4 and Step 4 is to change the position and Gradually showed up his balance without Your help if your dog is struggling by All means take a step back still use Your hand on their chest and tris help Them a little bit until you can

Eventually take back and away but if you Are at this thing then you should do This [Music] Good job [Music] Gradually try and move your hands away From their nose I only want to stay Going into the position and free single Time [Music] And Step five is added your separate ’command The way that you can do this is by same Separately one second before you help The dog with the law this will give that Up one second to process that secretiy Is always followed by this movement and Over time what will happen is they’ll Begin to anticipate separately when you Say the work rather than moving you’re Only doing it when you move your hand so You can teach them just like this city And then help them city really gives Them that one second to think about what You’re asking them to do time to think Is super important I’ve talked with lots Of repetitions you’ll be able to do this Super deep and that is how you each Separately in five easy steps please Subscribe give us a comment give us a Like and let us know what you want for Your next video [Music]

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