My Dog Barks When I Leave Her Alone! Watch Me Train Her To Stop!

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Facts About The Curly Coated Retriever

One of the oldest retriever canine breeds is that of the curly coated retriever. The curlies originated in Britain and were generally utilized as hunting dogs by English gamekeepers and poachers. Their speed, intelligence and strength made them the ideal breed to hunt down furry animals and fowl in rough terrain with very cold climates. Nowadays they are not necessarily utilized as hunting dogs and many people keep them as family pets. This article will provide information about the curly coated retriever examining its appearance, its health needs, and its personality.

Information About The English Cocker Spaniel

The majority of us know various facts about the cocker spaniel, but not all of us know the English cocker spaniel; in fact, many individuals are unaware that there are two types of cocker spaniels at all. This distinction between American and English cocker spaniels came about in the middle of the 20th century and was brought about by their great difference in appearance. This article will provide information on the English cocker spaniel discussing its appearance, health considerations, and overall personality.

Dealing With Canine Aggression

Is your dog aggressive? This could have serious repercussions in the future, so read this article to learn some great tips for dealing with this problem.

Top 5 Health Disorders Common in Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Terriers are known to be energetic and cheerful dogs that bring endless amusement to their owners. Most breeders do not encourage in-breeding as a way of reducing challenging mutations. Jack Russells are typically a healthy breed but as with all dogs, they are also susceptible to a number of health conditions.

Country Critters

Country Critters… What are they… lol… have fun and laugh as you read all about, the critters I had as a young boy… living in the country… As a young boy, growing up in the country, we had different kind of Critters. What is a Critter… you might be wondering? Critters… would be a small animal… LOL… but Critters might look a little different than your normal dog or cat.

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