How to teach your dog to CLOSE DOORS!

Anything is possible with a positive approach. In this tutorial, find out how you can train your dog to close doors on cue. Let me know what you think!

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Why Are Shock Collars Still Being Used?

Dog owners today have many options available to them to train their dogs. Behavior modification is no easy task, and the consensus seems to be in, shock collars are dangerous. So why then are they still being used?

Smallest Working Terrier: Norfolk Terrier

The Norfolk Terrier is one of the smallest of the working terrier breed. These dogs are very hardy, have a weather resistant coat, and short stature. The flop over ears are unique to the terrier breed. This energetic dog will pursue vermin and act as a watch dog.

Pet Hygiene: How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Don’t forget to clean behind your ears AND don’t leave out your dog’s either. Learn how to clean your dog’s ears to keep your furry friend healthy.

The Dog Perspective: Don’t Look Me In The Eye & Other Tips For Meeting Dogs

When I need advice, I go right to the source – a dog. Kodiak, a furry dog expert I know, explains how to meet a dog, so everyone is safe and happy.

A Happy Dog Is A Well-Behaved Dog

In our society, there is a tendency to have a political response to most things. Many people are of the opinion that criminals transgress due to an unhappy home life or a poor upbringing. Comfort and discomfort are a major part of the influence that affects a person’s life, whether you are of the opinion that some people are “just bad” or otherwise.

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