My BEST DOG TIP for Beginners! (Cesar Millan Dog Tips!)

In this video, I teach my favorite dog tip, the Mexican Halti.

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Remember it is our job as pack leaders to know how to use the tools we have to create the outcome we want.

It is important to have a calm confident energy when teaching your pack.

Dogs learn nose, eyes, and ears.


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Always remember: Trust, Respect, & Love

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Puppy House Training, The Easy Way, Part 2

House training your pup will be a 4 to 6 week program. During this period there are 3 places where you dog MUST be at ALL times.

Dog Behaviour Tips – What to Do About Excessive Licking

If your dog annoys you with licking, you should take some steps to eliminate this habit. There are some people who enjoy having their dog lick them. However, the majority of us would prefer if our dog would keep it’s tongue to itself. So you need to do some things to correct this annoying behavior.

When To Take Your Dog To The Vet

After you select your family pet the next step is to find a great vet. This will be the person that will help take care of your dog whenever it is sick as well as doing periodic checkups. Of course your vet will also keep your dog current on all it’s vaccinations and perform neutering and spaying at the appropriate time.

Different Areas of Dog Training, Part 2

Needless to say there are many more areas of dog training but they are not all profitable. This is Part 2 of Different Areas of Dog Training.

Different Areas of Dog Training, Part 1

Needless to say there are many more areas of dog training but they are not all profitable. These are!

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