New Puppy Training Myths and Mistakes To Avoid As a First Time Puppy Owner

New Puppy Training Myths and Mistakes To Avoid As a First Time Puppy Owner // Are you getting a new puppy? Maybe your new dog just arrived home? You’ll want to learn all the new puppy tips you can so you’ll be fully prepared. There are a lot of new puppy training myths and mistakes to avoid so be sure to watch this video. Topics include setting a schedule for your puppy, appropriate training expectations, dog park tips and so much more. Dog training can be rewarding and you can learn so many skills such as crate training, potty training, and stopping unwanted puppy behaviors.

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Mistakes to Avoid Part 1

Mistakes to Avoid Part 2

10 Tips to Be the Best Puppy Owner

10 Tips to Keep Your Puppy Safe

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3 Skills to Teach Your Puppy First –


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Will Kissing Your Dog Make You Sick?

Most of us have probably kissed our dogs, either superficially, or with a real wet one, but is that really a good idea? Since it is possible to get deathly ill from kissing your dog, it is probably a good idea to avoid the kissing as much as possible.

Is There A Reason Why My Dog Whines All The Time?

If you have ever owned a dog, you have no doubt heard him whine from time to time. When a dog whines he is communicating, but most of the time dogs will communicate through their body language and the energy that they put into it. When a dog whines, it indicates that there is a higher, and a more immediate need that needs resolution.

What Are Some Ways To Keep My Dog Tick Free

If you never let your dog out of the house, that is obviously the best way to protect your dog from getting ticks, but that is probably not the ideal solution. Dogs do have to go outside once in a while, and anytime they are outdoors they are susceptible to getting a tick or two.

Ways of Boosting A Puppies Energy Level

If your dog has a short attention span, looks tired and fatigued throughout the day, you need to take it to the veterinarian so that it can be examined. If you have already done this, and the doctor says everything is fine, you need to think about how you can control its energy levels. This post looks at how you can control its energy levels using foods and supplements.

Keeping Your Dog Safe At The Park

Today you will find dog parks in almost every area of the country. Dogs need exercise and socialization which helps them feel good both physically and mentally. Plus it gives dog owners a chance to meet other people too, so there are many benefits for everyone involved when you take them to the park.

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