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Service Dog Training – Volume 3

The last piece on medical alert dog training. Use this as a guideline for training techniques.

Plants That Act As Natural Tick Repellents

Fleas and ticks can lead to various skin disorders in pet animals. There are several herbs that can protect your pet from fleas, ticks and other insects naturally.

Pet Rescue Experience

I have been a big proponent for dog rescues. I have bought into the idea that puppy mills and some breeders, are bad, and rescue groups are a god send.

FAQs About Dog Food Allergies

What is food allergy?This is a condition that occurs when a dog’s immune system mistakenly identifies a particular food ingredient as harmful and as a result it creates defensive antibodies that try to fight the invading enemy (food). What are the signs of food allergy? The signs tend to differ from one dog to the other; however, the most common symptoms include: hives, skin rash, paw biting, itching, and obsessive licking. In some cases the dog can have nausea and vomiting.

First Aid Tips for Dog Owners

Your dog deserves the best care from you as an owner. However many owners are confused when it comes to emergencies that concerns their pets. Having first aid knowledge for your dog could be useful at the right time. It is important to know what to do.

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