Off leash distraction training with a puppy

LEVELS OF DOG TRAINING – Where is your dog?

I describe dog training in levels like children’s schools to help people grasp how difficult (or easy) different tasks are for their pups. I’ve seen 12 year old dogs still in Kindergarten and puppies, like my merle mini schnauzer, Musik, in high school & college.

This video shows Musik at exactly 18 weeks old. We are at a dog park with dogs & kids playing around us, and I am practicing her distance commands. When your dog can listen from several yards away with distractions, I consider this high school to college level, depending on how distracting the environment is.

Here are more details & examples of training levels, so you can see where your dog fits in and get ideas for increasing challenges:

But, a dog is never to old or too young to learn!! No matter where your dog is, please keep challenging them and help them to continue to learn and grow. Just as with people, it keeps them happier and more content, and can even add years to their lives!

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