Teach a Dog to Drop It – Get polite mouth control with Tug

Learn how to teach your dog to DROP IT on cue. **** Download the FREE Simpawtico Basic Gear Buyer’s Guide here: http://bit.ly/2dqBljF



Simpawtico’s video on Take It + Leave It

Simpawtico’s video on Phasing out Treats in 4 Steps

Leerburg’s video on Playing Tug


Leerburg Red Tubular Tug (this is by far my favorite; I own three of these and they’re tough as nails)

10″ Fire Hose Pocket Tug

Thin Puppy Tug (cut the handles off for n00bs)

Nero Ball

Set of 2 Cotton Dog Rope Toys (great for the little guys!)


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About this video:
In this video, Ian Stone from Simpawtico Dog Training shows you how to teach a dog to Drop It. From using the tug game productively to potentially saving their lives when they pick up something dangerous, Drop It is a truly useful dog command to train. Whether you call it “Out,” “Give,” or “Thank You,” learn to train a dog to give you whatever is in their mouth.

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Planning Of Dressing Your Dog? Consider These Tips

Do you have a dog and wondering whether you should dress him? You should go ahead and get clothes for him especially during winter. For the dog to get used to wearing clothes you should start training him as early as possible. Dog experts recommend that you should start dressing your dog when he is as young as 3 weeks of age. Always remember that the younger you start training the dog, the easier he adapts to wearing the outfits

Isn’t It Time You Learnt About Aggressive Dog Training?

One of the most overlooked training is aggressive dog training. Yes, you already know that your puppy or dog exhibits aggressive or destructive behavior. However, you are yet to take any action. Maybe it has even attacked a person or another pet, or damaged items in the home, or it’s constantly scratching or barking.

The Worthiness of a Pet

I believe it essential that all children have a pet. I would prefer that they have a cat, a horse, or a dog, but I realize that animals such as these are not always possible because of size and space and allergies. These three, my favorites, have filled my life with goodness and wonder. They have also taught me about kindness, loyalty, and loss. My emotions become tied to my pets and as they sense this, they become linked to me. My husband says that this is because I feed them, but I think that our bond is deeper than that.

Aggressive Behaviors in Small Dogs

Aggressive dogs are a major problem for many pet owners, and a justified cause for concern. Some canine experts refer to aggression in miniature breeds as small dog syndrome, the animal kingdom’s version of a Napoleon complex. Unfortunately, many people fail to take this behavior seriously, believing that an aggressive small dog won’t be able to cause much harm. Professional dog trainers do take this phenomenon seriously, however, and recommend that dog owners do the same. Fortunately, small dog syndrome can be successfully mitigated with proper training and follow-up.

How To Socialize Your Dog In Different Situations?

Everyone wants to have a socialized dog, but it might be very difficult to do that after it gets older. So make sure that you socialize your dog before twenty weeks of age. After your dogs matures it will be much more difficult if not impossible with some dogs. You can also get the help of a professional dog trainer to help with your pet. There are a lot of people who are afraid to take their dogs out in public because they are so poorly socialized that they might start a dog fight or even bite somebody. Here are a few tips on socializing your dog in different situations:

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