The 5 Rules For Training Your Dog To Listen Outside

Do you feel like your dog training falls apart as soon as you go outside? This is a common challenge for a lot of dog owners. Training your dog to listen outside adds a couple of new challenges. There are lots of different distractions that can make your training a lot more difficult as soon as you step outside. In this video, Instructor Ken is talking about some different ways to think about your training so that your dog WANTS to listen, even when you’re outside!

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00:00 5 Tips To Get More Focus When Training Your Dog Outside
01:06 Why Should Your Dog Listen To You Outside?
01:36 Reinforcing The Fact That You’re Worth Listening To
02:15 Getting To The Park/Going Through The Door
03:30 High-Value Rewards Are A Powerful Tool But They Won’t Fix Everything
05:10 Many Dogs Are Motivated By Motion
07:00 Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Your Voice
08:00 End Every Training Session With A Motivated Dog
09:25 This Is A BONUS Tip
11:07 Teaching Your Dog To Listen Outside AND Off-Leash

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Happy Training! ~Ken
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