This Dog’s Leash Pulling is NO JOKE! [Reality Dog Training: George the Pit Bull Ep. 3]

George the pit bull can pull on leash so hard! W e’ll help George get adjusted, and work on a cool new trick that anyone can teach! Thanks PupBox for sponsoring this episode! Go to and enter discount code “ZAK” to get 50% off of your first PupBox when you sign up for a multi-month subscription!


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Why The Down Exercise Is So Important

The down exercise is probably the most important exercise you can teach your dog for several different reasons. It is the exercise that when your dog is twenty feet away, you say down and your dog drops to the floor without you doing anything else is the day that your dog says you are the master.

What Is A Certified Dog Trainer?

Quite often in their search for a dog trainer a new dog owner will ask the trainer if he’s certified. Being certified does sound impressive but what exactly does it mean. Keep in mind that there are no federal or state requirements to be certified as a dog trainer. Simply put if you know how to do it you can.

Dog Food: The Corn Controversy

Corn is a very controversial ingredient in dog foods. Some people argue it is a wonder ingredient while others stand firm in their belief that it causes both behavioral and health problems. So who is right?

Which Protein Is Best For Your Dog?

It’s an age old question when it comes to dog food. Should I feed a chicken, beef, lamb or vegetarian based dog food? In fact today there is even a bunch more proteins to choose from when selecting your dog’s food.

A Healthy Dog – 9 Area’s To Keep An Eye On

Keeping a dog healthy and content is neither as easy nor as difficult as many people think. What it takes is an owner who is willing to devote the necessary time and energy to exercise, train, groom, and attend to the other needs of their pet. Conscientious dog care actually begins before you buy the dog, by realistically evaluating the time you have to spend on a dog and opting for a breed whose needs do not outstrip your resources. Good dog care is the dog owner’s responsibility.

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