Top 5 Tips for Getting Your Dog’s Attention

In tandem with National Dog Training Month, Villa La PAWS Dog Training Academy Director Wendi Faircloth shares her top five tips for getting your dog’s attention, making it easier to train your dog.

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Why Your Pets Need Proper Dental Care

If proper dental care is not observed, your pet may suffer from dental diseases leading to more serious side effects. Early prevention would avoid dental diseases to progress.

Dog Training Tips For Busy Dog Owners

Training a dog is possible for those who don’t have much time to spend time playing with their dog. There are some effective tips that can help.

Consistency Matters Always, for Success in Dog Training and in Life

Today’s article topic is the paramount importance of consistency to all aspects of results and performance. This article is part of an ongoing series of tips, techniques, skills and lessons learned from the world of sled dog racing. Sled dog racing is a great learning and proving ground for success in dog training… and for success in life.

Training Your Dog With Your Children: Is It Possible?

If you have a dog, chances are that your dog may feel like he needs to compete with the children living in the same house. Well, although this is uncommon, it can happen. Thus, if you want to avoid this problem, we have some ideas or tips for you.

Know These Common Mistakes That Dog Owners Often Make

Learn more about some common mistakes that dog owners often make including yelling, hitting them, and many more. Setting a good example is very important when it comes to training a dog.

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