Training Chop to RELAX and STOP BARKING at Other Dogs! Reality Dog Training

How I’m training Chop to relax and stop barking at other dogs. Thanks BARK for sponsoring this video! Get a FREE BarkBox, Super Chewer Box or BOTH when you sign up for a multi-month plan at my special links: BARKBOX: SUPER CHEWER:

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A Selection of My Favourite Miniature Dogs

An introduction into some of the most popular miniature dog breeds and a short history on their origins and why they were first bred. In this article, we’re going to discuss the miniature varieties of the Schnauzer, the Pinscher, the Dachshund, the English Bulldog, the Poodle and then finishing off with the miniature Bull Terrier.

Bring Your Dream Companion Home – Few Tips to Buy Puppies Online

Puppies are a wonderful addition to any family. Besides enhancing your status in the society, it serves as your best friend and companion. So, if you’re considering bringing a cute puppy home, take all the related things into consideration.

Basic Dog Training Methods and Techniques

Hand signals are a necessary part of obedience control. There are three main reasons why we use hand signals, these are: To control a dog at distance, to control a dog where the voice would be ineffective and where silence is required. It is very important in training a dog to respond to hand signals; they must be precise, distinct and uniform.

Why My Dog Is Digging

Have you ever noticed your dog digging in your dog and wondered why? I give you a few brief reasons and what you can do to help.

Doggie Treats: Fruits and Vegetables

There are various doggie treats available, but dog owners should make sure that they are healthy and safe for dogs. Certain fruits and vegetables are appetizing and healthy treats although there are are also fruits and vegetables that are not safe for dogs to consume.

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