Using Lil’ Trainers: The Sit Command

Watch Steve Dale use Vita Bone® Lil’ Trainers™ to train his dog Hazel how to sit on command.

Make Your Pet Comfortable No Matter Where You Are

Most dogs love to “go” anywhere! They don’t really care where they go, they just want to go with you. Take him or her with you as often as you can. It really is easier than a lot of people think. And it can add years to your pets life by avoiding the undo stress of feeling abandoned when you are gone. I don’t know about anyone else, but I invest a lot of time into my dogs and I want them with me as long as possible! But most importantly, when we go, I want him to be comfortable and happy about it.

Your Dog’s Food and Its Growing Importance

Dog food can be simply referred to as a food that is specifically intended to be fed to dogs for their consumption. Like all the carnivores, dogs also have pointed and sharp teeth and they have a short gastrointestinal tract that is better suited for the consumption of meat. Also in spite of this very natural carnivorous design these dogs have still managed to adapt to over thousands of years in order to survive on the non- scraps as well as the meat scraps and leftovers of human existence.

The Animal Human Connection – A Brief Overview

Why are dogs so important to us as individuals and as families? When we lose this bond through the death of our pet, how do we cope with the grief?

Just a Dog – Story of a Stray

This is a story about a dog “Kaale” a stray dog from Kathmandu, Nepal. He was a big dog, but very gentle in nature and lived near my office. Adopt a stray dog.

Some Important Facts To Explore About Prescription Diets

A diet is an essential part of pet’s health and when a pet is sick it’s your vet who can recommend the right diet for the pet. Recently, prescription diet has become highly popular among vets and pet parents. Let’s find some major facts about these vet diets.

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