Where to Start with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED DOG: Reality Dog Training Episode 2

How to start training with a totally untrained dog. Day 2-3 of reality dog training. Thank you Pupford for sponsoring this video! SIGN UP FOR 30 DAY PERFECT PUP: https://pfrd.site/pup-course 🎉 (IT’S 100% FREE!!)

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What Should I Feed My Dog?

Why are there so many dog food choices out there? Is it all just hype and advertising, or is there really a difference? This article helps you pick a good food for your dog.

How to Look for Grain Free Dog Food

It’s important to feed your dog good food. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dog foods out there that are filled with fillers – and that’s not going to be a healthy choice. Vitamins and minerals are what keeps you dog’s immune system in excellent condition and helps with the look of the coat and skin. The only way for a dog to get those vitamins and minerals is through the food that they eat – and grain free dog food is a great solution.

5 Dog Training Tips

There are several different things about dog training that are just real and should always be done if you want a well behaved and well adjusted dog. We are going to talk about what I think are 5 of the most important dog training tips.

Dog Training Collar Advice

We love our dogs and it’s extremely important for us to keep them a lovable happy Pet. These are tips for proper use and training to make the training collar as effective as possible and to keep our pets happy. Electronic remote training collars are excellent tools for reinforcing verbal commands like “Sit”, “Stay”, “Down” or “Come.

Dangerous Foods You Should Avoid Feeding To Your Pets

Every now and then I like to make my dog homemade treats. In the beginning I simply took a regular treat recipe such as biscotti or cookies and reshuffled some of the ingredients. Instead of water I substituted beef or chicken stock.

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