3 Skills You NEED To Teach Your Puppy BEFORE Socializing

Puppy owners are always in a hurry to introduce their puppy to other dogs. As professional dog trainers, we see hundreds of dogs every week. We know that BEFORE you start introducing them to other animals, they need a reliable response to these 3 skills.

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00:00 3 Skills Your Puppy Needs Before Socializing
01:00 Socialization Is About Experience NOT Interaction
01:35 Puppy Name Training – Step 1
02:22 Puppy Name Training – Step 2
04:13 Preparing For Puppy Socialization – Name Training – Step 3
05:29 What If Your Puppy Won’t Take Treats Outside?
06:24 Puppy Name Training – Testing Phase
08:53 Check Out Our Puppy Training Tug Toys
09:03 BE CAREFUL With “Testing” During Puppy Training
09:29 Taking Your Puppy’s Collar
10:57 Teaching Your Puppy A “Release” Command

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