Are You a Nag?

Constant e-collar prompts for non-compliance that are just not high enough to create motivation, but low and annoying enough to feed frustration and undermine your training and your relationship with your dog?

This is what we like to call underwhelming your dog in training. The fine line between holding your dog accountable for behavior and commands he has been fairly taught, and using a prompt that is just enough to cause an annoyance.

I get it. None of us want to hurt our dogs, ever. Using a level that is less than meaningful comes from a space of care because we want to be fair.

When you nag your dog with underwhelming corrections you slowly undermine obedience, behavior, and your relationship.
What’s correct isn’t necessarily about going as soft as possible especially once you’ve entered the proofing stage of the game. It’s your job to find a level meaningful enough that your dog respects you the first time you ask him for something.

Your dog will provide feedback on whether you’re nagging or creating accountability and what is and isn’t working.

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