Dog Training Tips & Tricks – A Complete Dog Obedience Training Course in 5 Part!!

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00:14 – Introduction to Dog Training
02:23 – 1. Pulling on the Leash
09:18 – 2. Puppy Training
16:37 – 3. Dog Aggression
25:10 – 4. Dog Aggression towards People
31:13 – 5. Dog Holiday Training (Mastering the Leadership)


If you’ve ever had trouble with your dog pulling on the leash, then you’re going to really enjoy this particular video.

Because what makes this whole method so effective is that it doesn’t rely on forcing dogs to obey you, but by convincing them that they should be following YOU.

In other words, they CHOOSE to follow you.

As you’re going to see on this first video… IT WORKS VERY QUICKLY even on the most determined of dogs.


In this part Doggy Dan wants to show you some of the other work he does, which is helping people with their puppies.

In fact he’s going to show you a completely different approach to achieving the same thing with a very young pup named Jock. Now this is his first time attempting to walk to heel, so it’s quite amazing what he achieves.


By now you should be starting to see that YOU too can have the dog of your dreams when you know how.

And as you’ll see in today’s video it all starts with convincing your dog that YOU are the decision maker.

When you understand the secret of how to get this part right the rest becomes easy.

Let’s face it, dog aggression is one of the most stressful issues for so many owners…

…and yet when you convince your dog that YOU are in charge, it’s easy to show your dog there’s nothing to worry about.

So watch exactly how Doggy Dan communicates that to a dog in the video…


Have you ever feared a dog? Tackle the problem now…

Here Doggy Dan is dealing with a barking dog, although to be honest, that’s only one problem.

He’s also a bit aggressive, fearful and an overly protective dog.

In fact the best way to summarize his situation is that he thinks he’s in charge and he’s confused as to what he should be doing.

So what I want to share with you is how easy it is to help your dog if they are acting like this…

…Basically once they see you as the pack leader…

…and you know how to give your dog a clear, calm message about what you want…

…its EASY!

Of course you need to first make sure that they’re looking to YOU for guidance in every situation.


In this part Doggy Dan will be taking you on holiday with him, his family, and 6 large dogs, and you’ll see what I mean.

One of my favorite quotes regarding dog training is this:

“First you need to win your dogs mind. Then you can train the body” (My friend Doggy Dan said that actually!) You just need to know how.

This brings us to the end of Doggy Dan’s free course, and I thank you so much for watching.

But you MUST remember:

Having a happy, well behaved dog that’s a joy to own takes time. And it requires you to give the right messages all the time.

If you’re struggling with your dog, its OK. Don’t give up…

…there is light at the end of the tunnel when you know what you are doing wrong.

The whole reason Doggy Dan put The Online Dog Trainer website together is to make his incredible method available to everyone. And today you can still try it for just $1.

You’ll learn how to stop 34 of the most common behavioral problems using his famous kind and gentle way.

And he fully guarantees it…

If after 60-days of using his method you haven’t seen the most amazing turn around in your dog…

…then it will still only cost you only a single dollar!

SO, what have you got to lose?

The method is incredibly straightforward and simple to follow, and you’ll start to see the most amazing changes immediately.

Give it a try…for your dog’s sake!

And when you start to follow it you’ll realize that you have stumbled across the most amazing dog training method in the world.

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To your dog training success!

PS: Today, as I write this, Dan says he only has a handful of membership spaces left… So don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. The $1 trial offer is ending very soon and it will revert back to the normal price.



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