Fix Your Leash Walking Training For THESE Common Problems

It’s pretty common for people to look for solutions to pulling when it comes to leash walking training. But there are some other common issues that people encounter when it comes to leash walking that need just as much training as the pulling. In this video, Instructor Carol is going to show you a few simple fixes for behaviors like leash biting, stopping on walks, and jumping up on dogs, and other distractions.

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00:00 Fix Your Leash Walking Training For THESE Common Problems
01:01 What To Do When Your Dog Stops Walking And Won’t Move
03:25 What If It Isn’t Working?
05:22 Is There A Quick Fix When Your Dog Bites The Leash?
06:04 A Game To Stop Your Dog From Biting The Leash
07:11 Taking The Collar When Your Dog Bites The Leash
08:17 Have Your Dog Carry Something On Walks
08:47 What If Your Dog Pulls On Leash When He Sees Other Dogs?
10:49 Leash Walking Training Foundations
11:22 Leash Walking Training Takes Time!

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