Getting A Second Dog? Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did!

Introducing a second dog to your home can be a wonderful experience. It is also a crucial time to set the foundation for your puppy training! I made a BIG mistake when it came to training my second dog. By not showing the puppy that I was worth listening to, the puppy quickly started to find everything in the world a lot more interesting. This made my training experience A LOT more difficult. And I had to work harder to teach my puppy that she needed to listen even when there were other dogs around! In this video, Instructor Shannon will show you some super simple training tips for introducing a second dog to your home so that you can avoid the mistakes I made!

Good leadership in your dog training is a great way to speed up your puppy training journey. Click this video to find out what “Being A Good Leader” means:

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00:00 Introducing A Second Dog
00:37 Puppy Training Goals
01:20 Your Foundation Puppy Training
03:49 Introducing Your Second Dog To The Training
06:26 Making The Puppy Training A Little Harder
08:55 Troubleshooting Your Puppy Training
10:29 If You Don’t Succeed..You’re Probably Doing It Wrong
10:57 Good Leadership For Puppy Training

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Happy Training! ~Ken
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