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Are you ready to dive into the exciting and eventful encounter between protesters and the renowned dog trainer, Zak George, also known as the “Dog Daddy”? Join us in New York City as we explore the intense confrontation that captivated both dog lovers and trainers alike. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of this unique moment and discuss the impact it had on the dog training community. So grab your popcorn and get ready to uncover the truth behind the #dogtrainer #dogtraining #zakgeorge #dogtrainingrevolution saga. It’s time to be a part of the action. Stay tuned!

Protesters Confront Dog Daddy in NYC: A New Era in Dog Training


In recent years, the world of dog training has seen a significant shift towards more compassionate and evidence-based methods. As the industry evolves, trainers who rely on outdated and harmful techniques are being called out by advocates for positive training. One such controversial figure is “Dog Daddy” Augusto DeOliveira, who has faced widespread criticism for his dangerous training methods. In this article, we will join the critical dialogue surrounding Dog Daddy and witness a significant step towards a more informed and compassionate discourse on dog training.

Joining the Critical Dialogue

Recently, an inspiring movement has emerged, led by individuals like Lauren from @sitstaystella_ and advocates for evidence-based and empathetic approaches to dog training. By standing up against the harmful techniques employed by Dog Daddy, they have sparked an important conversation about the best ways to train our four-legged friends.

Exploring the Concerns

Numerous videos have surfaced, addressing the concerns surrounding Dog Daddy and the use of aversive tools in dog training. These videos shed light on the potential harm inflicted on dogs during the training process, which goes against the principles of positive reinforcement and respect for our furry companions.

Debunking the Alpha Myth

One of the central issues in the debate on dog training is the concept of dominance and the alpha myth. Dog trainers advocating for positive reinforcement argue that relying on dominance-based techniques can lead to fear, aggression, and an overall breakdown of the human-dog relationship. Understanding the flaws in this outdated ideology is crucial in building a healthier and more effective training approach.

The Harness Controversy

While many positive trainers advocate for the use of harnesses, there are some who discourage their use. They argue that certain harness designs can restrict natural movement and deter dogs from walking in a loose leash manner. Instead, these trainers propose other collar options that they believe offer a better balance between control and freedom.

Taking Action

For those who feel strongly about the need for change in dog training methods, there are various ways to take action. By signing petitions to stop Dog Daddy in Italy, the UK, and Canada, concerned individuals can lend their voices to the cause. Additionally, reaching out to hosting venues, such as Blaine Kennels in Minnesota and Moniker Events in San Diego, to voice concerns about hosting trainers who employ harmful methods is another effective way to drive change.


The confrontation of Dog Daddy in New York City marks a turning point in dog training. With more individuals coming together to advocate for evidence-based and empathetic approaches, a new era is emerging. By embracing positive reinforcement and respecting the welfare of our furry companions, we can ensure a training environment that nurtures their physical and emotional well-being.


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