Golden Retriever Puppy Proofs Her Obedience Under High Distraction

We put all 5 board and trains through some pretty daunting drills today to proof their obedience and handler awareness. This was Mandy’s first drill at this level of recall to place to down, and I must say, this little booger has come strides since her drop off!

A mere week ago this little mamma struggle to focus on just about anything, mouthing, jumping, wiggling uncontrollably. Once we addressed the arousal, Mandy was able to listen and start the learning process, and now she’s killing it!

Which Is Best, Puppy Or Older Dog?

That is a good question and one that is asked quite often. The answer depends on you and how much patience you will have with housetraining and training a new puppy. Puppies can be a lot of work and require a bunch of your time and energy to keep them out of trouble.

Experience the Love of a Dog

This article spells out all of the benefits of owning a dog. It also gives some pointers on adopting a dog; whether it is a puppy or an adult.

5 Great Tips To Keep Your Dog Mentally Positive

Many canine behavioural problems can be directly and indirectly linked to a dog’s level of engagement with its owner. Our four-legged friends require a level of mental stimulation that is easily overlooked and undervalued and some dogs may receive admonishment for boredom related behaviours instead of the simple positive engagement that they are seeking.

Is a Dog Road Trip in Your Future?

Dogs are social, pack animals that love to be in your company, particularly on a good road trip. This article will give you several easy road trip ideas you can use around town to give you and your pooch the opportunity to bond in a new way.

Do We Clean Our Hands After Picking Up Dog Poop?

Do we? Probably not. We don’t even think twice about making sure our hands are clean after picking up dog poop. We simply assume we didn’t “touch anything”. And there is no soap and water nearby as in our bathrooms. Please quickly read of the bountiful bacteria and diseases spread by dog poop and consider carrying hand sanitizer with you.

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