Helping an INSECURE Dog (feat. Jerry Seinfeld!) | Cesar911 Shorts

In this episode of Cesar911, Cesar visits legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his wife, Jessica, to evaluate their two dogs, José and Foxy. José barks a lot, and Foxy doesn’t get along well with Jerry.

Dog’s don’t care about money, fame, or power. What is important is your energy!

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Cocker Spaniel For Sale: A Few Things You Need To Know About Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel is one of the most popular dog breeds in America. While the dog is popular, you should not keep him in your house without knowing about him. To guide you through, here are a few things you need to know about him.

Dog For Sale: Warning Signs To Watch Out For When Dealing With Breeders

Although, the best place to buy puppies is from breeders, you should be careful when making the purchase. This calls for you to be observant of warning signs that might be suggestive of something wrong. Some of the warning signs that you need to be cautious of include: Meeting venue As rule of thumb you should visit the breeder at his kennel. If you notice that the breeder is suggesting that you meet in another place other than at the kennel, you should refuse to do it.

Puppies For Sale: Steps To Follow When Buying Puppies

It’s always exciting for one to buy a puppy; however, many first-timers don’t know how to make the purchase. If you are interested in buying a puppy, here are the steps that you should follow: Prepare for the puppy Here you need to identify the right dog for you. To settle on a given breed you need to analyze your situation. For example, you need to consider your personality. If you like relaxing indoors, you should go for a dog that doesn’t like jumping and running. This calls for you to avoid a dog such as a Siberian husky.

Dog Toy and Playing Tips

Our dogs are amazing animals, they will give us unconditional love, will be our best friend and play with us no matter what, how special is that? Dogs are more than willing to play with anything we give them or they can get their paws on.

Why You Should Never Use Human Shampoo for Your Dog

Dog shampoos are an integral part of dog grooming. Just like we cannot buy just any shampoo for our hair, dog shampoo also needs to be chosen with care. Along with buying a dog shampoo, a dog conditioner is also a must-have item for protecting the coat of your pet and also for providing it with a luxurious shine.

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