How I introduce aggressive dogs to well-balanced, friendly dogs in a rehabilitation program. Muzzle!

How I introduce aggressive dogs to well-balanced and friendly dogs in a rehabilitation program. I do this to give the aggressive/reactive dog that is here for training a chance to be uncomfortable in face to face encounters and learn from them – either a correction for being inappropriate and verbal praise for doing well without growly behavior. (NOTE: If you do not live in a place that has an overabundance of off leash dogs, then please don’t comment negatively in this technique. In mountain towns dogs run up to other dogs ALL of the time.)
If you personally are wondering how to introduce dogs, I would NEVER let questionable dogs meet face to face, I would do a side by side walk without any butt or face sniffing using a bomber heel position and then the dogs just get over their need to get in the other dogs space (as they are smelling from afar) so the arousal is greatly lessened and the intensity is decreased for when/IF you feel it is safe for them to be off-leash near one another. See the video in the comment section. (Always consult a professional to help you with this).
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Do you have a dog that would benefit from wearing a muzzle but you are worried about what people may think… “Oh that poor dog.” or “He must be a mean dog!” Well, maybe they are actually thinking, “What a responsible dog owner!” But really, who cares what they are thinking! Sometimes a muzzle can be a way to keep a dog alive that may otherwise be put-to-sleep. It can allow a dog to be out in public to socialize (to perhaps be muzzle-free one day) and the owner can feel confident that their dog won’t hurt a person or another dog. In this video, I talk about what I think about muzzles and what a great tool muzzles are for aggressive dogs. They can help a dog owner during the process of rehabilitating an aggressive dog, so why would you NOT use a muzzle?!

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Lead Off Leash K9 Training is owned and operated by Cheryl Albrecht. Lead Off Leash K9 Training offers board and train services for all breeds, and ages. Board and train can be for basic dog obedience or for dog behavior modification for reactive dogs. The board and train model produces fantastically behaved obedient dogs. Lead Off Leash K9 Training offers also offers private on-on-one sessions where Cheryl works hands-on teaching the dog owner how to train their dog. Lead Off Leash K9 Training offers Puppy Training as well. Cheryl teaches basic obedience such as proper leash walking, sit, down, come and much more to dogs and also can help you give a solid foundation for your new puppy (puppy development).

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