The Dog Training Plan For When People Ask To Pet Your Pup

If one of your current dog training challenges is to have your dog calmly greet people then you’ll probably understand this challenge very well. If you’re trying to stop your dog from jumping up on people, or you’re trying to stop your dog from pulling on the leash, then having people coming and asking to pet your dog is one of your biggest challenges. When you learn about the dog training target, you’ll start to make better choices for your dog so that they can be successful!

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00:00 The “Can I Pet Your Dog?” Training Problem
00:28 Is Your Dog Easily Distracted?
01:02 The Answer To The Question “Can I Pet Your Dog?”
01:46 The Dog Training Target
02:43 Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up – Control Position
03:21 Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up – Adding Distraction
06:54 Other Distractions In Your Dog Training
07:16 Coaching People To Help Your Dog
08:17 Stop Your Dog From Pulling In Smaller Spaces
09:15 Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up – Training Goals

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