E-Collar Remote Numbers

Don’t Get Married To A Number…

Hey Peeps!

We ventured out of the house with Little Oreo today! He did so good! I was insanely impressed at how he was able to control his cute little wiggle butt from getting out of control with excitement with all of the people walking around.

This sweetie is one of those dogs that wants to say hi to EVERYONE! But guess what, when we’re working, and I’m asking him to do something, he needs to pay attention to the conversation WE’RE having.

How did I manage to break through all of that excitement? The conversation that we normally have indoors with the remote collar (a level 3-4) had to be a bit louder (8-18) depending on the level of distraction.

What’s important to remember is that the numbers on your remote are ALWAYS changing. Getting stuck on one number will set you and your dog up for failure by underwhelming him with an annoying flick on the neck. Your dog will always let you know how loud the conversation needs to be. If a higher number is needed to regain his attention in one instance, be sure to dial back down to a normal level once the coast is clear, and until a louder conversation is needed once again.

Happy Tails!

Pet Adoption Story – Isaac & Jenni-Ann

Today’s pet adoption story is from Jenni-Ann and her beautiful dog Isaac. Sometimes the animal you fall in love with may not be your first choice, which goes to show that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (or a dog by its bark). All adoptions save lives, but Isaac had a particularly close call.

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Dogs love to play, run, jump and hate boredom. Bored dogs manifest unwanted behavior like constant barking, aggression, digging holes, and others. Provide mental exercises to keep your dogs preoccupied and entertained. It will gladly participate that will makes it smarter than before.

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Pet Adoption Story – Jade

We have to admit that the pet adoption story of Jade and her adopted family made us tear up a little! For anyone who has been thinking about adopting a pet, we think this story will help convince you. Introducing Jade: My husband first met Jade when he mowed the lawns at a local shelter in the lovely Adelaide hills in South Australia.

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