When You Have A Plan VS. What Actually Happens [Reality Dog Training: George the Pit Bull Ep. 5]

In reality, things don’t happen according to plan when you are training a dog like George the Pit Bull. This video is sponsored by Solid Gold Pet. Get 30% off of select Solid Gold Pet products by going to http://www.solidgoldpet.com/zak

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Best Way To Potty Train Your Puppy – House Train Your Puppy – 5 Easy Steps

Learn how to potty train your puppy with a lot less headaches. House Training your puppy isn’t a fun thing, but with some patience and knowledge it can certainly be much easier. It doesn’t need to be a war. Five easy steps to potty train your puppy.

Are There Really That Big Of Differences In Dog Food Breeder Programs?

As responsible dog breeders, you love and want to maintain the integrity and beauty of your dogs. Chances are that you started breeding because of your love of those dogs. Thousands of top dog breeders also rescue or are involved in rescues with their beloved breed. Seeing people who are going to love their new puppy for many, many years may bring joy to your hearts but your business is also an extremely serious business. People love their dogs! You know you are providing a wonderful addition to someone’s family and you deserve to make money for selling them a healthy puppy and bringing that family great joy. Another, equally important part of your business is your recommendations to those new puppy parents. Don’t under estimate the importance of this side of your business and lose thousands of potential dollars. You deserve to make money from recommendations that have the potential to help your client’s dogs healthy and living longer lives.

Praise and Correction – Proper Use For Successful Dog Training

In this article you will learn proper use of praise and correction for easier and more successful dog training. Outlining when and how to use praise and correction, and a few things that you should never do. Proper dog training starts with the trainer. I hope you find this article useful.

Could My Dog Be Autistic?

No matter what I do, my 3-year-old dog is usually emotionally, and physically detached from me. Is there such thing as Canine Autism? Could she be autistic?

Conflicting Information From Dog Trainers

Yes, if you have spoken to more than one dog trainer or even read more than one dog training book then you are probably completely confused. Why is there so much conflicting information? This article will hopefully answer that question.

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