How to Enable “Al the Dog Trainer.” An Amazon Alexa Skill – Tips From Al The Dog Trainer

I am so excited to be able to bring these exciting and very useful skills to your Amazon Alexa enabled device, like the Echo Dot!

This first skill is my flash briefing. A flash briefing is an easy way to get the news you want without ever having to pick up a device. My flash briefing is a daily, one minute tip that is intended to give you advice that can help you train your dog.

The second thing I announced is part one of a much larger project. In this phase, you can use your Alexa enabled device to directly ask me any dog training question. When you do that, my team and I will then create content around your question to help you. For now, you can tune into my live show, every Wednesday and I answer those questions there.

In the near future, the Alexa Skill will immediately serve up an answer that will be at least audio and possibly a video.

This video will walk you through the steps that you would need to take to be able to use these skills.

If you are needing any help, drop a comment down below and my team and I will get back to you.

Flash Briefing  aka “Al’s Dog Training Tips”(Daily Tips)

“Al the Dog Trainer” (Ask me questions)

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