How to Solve Dog Aggression! (Dog Nation)

In this Dog Nation Episode, I help Sho Nuff, a dog who is very dog aggressive. Have you ever experienced dog aggression with your dog? Or have you seen this with other dogs and their pet parents even after they’ve done extensive #dogtraining ?

For Sho Nuff’s pet parents, he has unpredictable dog behavior and his owners are anxious that whenever they go on a walk, Sho Nuff will attack other dogs. And we all know that a #dogfight and #dogattacks are not fun to experience and can cause stress for dogs as well as the owners.

A lesson to learn from this overall is that it is important to #walkyourdog with confidence and separate the story from the reality! Say that again….SEPARATE THE STORY FROM THE REALITY.

Do you think I can solve this case?

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