How to STOP your dog from pulling on a lead & walk PERFECTLY!

In this video I’m sharing with you the Four techniques that I use to teach any Yes any dog to walk nicely on the lead And stop bullying coming up Successful dog training is all about Being able to understand and communicate Well with your dog a huge part of this Is being able to motivate your dog so Can you tell me what motivates your dog The most is it treats is it toys is it Affection let me know in the comments Below and second why do you think your Dog is pulling what is triggering your Dog to ignore you is he distracted is he Overexcited does he want to go and see Another dog does he there are there are Million different reasons for why a dog Wants to pull on it maybe not a million There are a few different reasons why Dog wants to pull on the lead so if you Can figure out why your dog is pulling On a lead and be able to motivate him And train him then you are halfway there To being able to teach your dog to stop Pulling on the lead so before jumping Into the four techniques I’m going to Make sure that you are set up right that You’re holding the lead in the right Hand that you’re feeding the trees and The best way possible that you’re Comfortable and fluent in your training One of the trickiest things is not being Awkward if your dog is on your left hand Side I want you to hold the lead with

Your right hand and I want you to have Your treat pouch on your left hand side This means that your training hand the Side that your dog is on your training Hand is completely free to work with the Dog you can pet him you can feed him you Are completely free so this hand is Doing nothing but holding the lead and Then this hand is doing all the work Because that is the side that your dog Is on how are you holding the treat Instead of holding the tree in between Your thumb and your finger just like This and feeding the tree into your Dog’s mouth like that I want you to put Your hand up flat you’re gonna put the Treats on the palm of your hand you’re Gonna cover them Your thumb and then you’re gonna turn Your hand over and you’re going to be Keeping the trees up with this thumb so Now when you put your hand to watch your Dog your dog it’s gonna be able to put His nose in your hand and you’re not Gonna hurt your fingers when you start Feeding your dog such a simple one but Just holding the treat differently you Can make training so much easier so now That you’ve set up let’s jump in to Technique number one focus focus is the Single most important thing you could Ever teach your dog so one of the most Common problems that we all face is that Our doctor listen to us inside the house

But not outside the house this is super Super common and the reason is there are So many distractions out there we have Other dogs we have people different Noises millions of smells cats Squirrels squirrels there are so many Distractions out there that is so Difficult for our dogs to be able to Actively ignore those things and give us Attention and ignore whatever is going On one of the biggest mistakes owners Make and even dog trainers make so it’s Not just you even dog trainers do this They try and teach focus and they try to Ask for focus outside with maximum Distractions when they haven’t built up The foundations to help the dog succeed When they are outside this is something That you need to start as soon as you Get your dog or as soon as you get your Puppy literally focus I will start on The first full day that I have with my Puppy every single time my puppy looks At me in the eye yes Markham reward Like it is such an important skill you Have to prepare our dogs for these Situations and environments our dogs do Have the ability to actively avoid Distractions and focus on us so it’s so Important that we give them the Foundations and we give them the Training to get to this level there are Three main benefits of teaching focus For your lives leave walking number one

Your dog can’t physically pull you while It’s looking after you in the eyes it’s Physically impossible so if you have Focus and they’re checking in your dog Will be walking well on the lead I Guarantee it Number two is the window of opportunity When your dog is looking at you it is Ready for an instruction it’s ready for You to give it an instruction something To do Whether that be he’ll sit down leave Whatever it is your dog will be ready to Take that instruction on and listen and Number three is distractions Distractions is the biggest thing that We all struggle with easily distractions Is without a doubt the hardest thing That we all deal with if you could just Ask your dog’s attention and you can get Their focus away from a distraction so Many of your problems would just be Immediately fixed such a simple solution To so many complicated problems so how Can we get our dogs focus our dogs Attention around distractions okay so You start inside the house with no Distractions whatsoever you’re gonna get Treats in both hands you’re gonna put Your hands out like you’re about to give You a massive hug and then you don’t Probably gonna look at one of your hands Because there’s trees then you’re gonna Make some kissy noises so you’re gonna

Go and as soon as dog Lulu see your face Mark and reward this even if it’s just a Split second don’t ask for any duration Literally just yes good job and reward The next time you’re gonna slowly build And build and build Now you’re gonna last for two seconds Eye contact now you’re gonna start Moving your hand so the first level of a Distraction for your dog and you’re Gonna ask your dog to actively ignore This hand that’s moving that’s got the Treatment that is super distracting and You’re gonna ask him to look at you in The eye instead when your dog does look At you in the eye this is doing but this Is the same principle that your that you Will use of out on a walk when you’re Trying to ignore your biggest Distraction albeit at a very different Level but this is the principle that Your dog needs to learn A distraction he can’t look at it he has To look at you and then good things Happen and you’re just gonna keep on Fragilely making it more and more Difficult for your dog to ignore the Distraction until you get to the point Where it doesn’t matter what the Distraction is you are able to get your Dog’s attention this principle is so so Important you’ll be so surprised how Easily your dog can ignore a distraction Once you teach this principle once you

Build up that level of focus you really Will be surprised now you need to keep On challenging the dog whenever a Distraction Becomes quite easy and they can actively Ignore it and earn their reward pretty Easily you want to just keep on upping The challenge you want to make it more Difficult go to a different room go Outside go to a different area make the Distraction louder make the distraction More intense keep on making it more Difficult until you reach the level Where your dog can ignore distraction Out on a walk that’s what the whole Point of this exercise is is so that we Can walk out of safely and always get Our dog’s attention technique number two The hill position I love this one if you Expect your dog to walk in a specific Place how on earth do you expect to not Teach the dog where that place is you Can only expect your dog to walk right By your side if you can say he’ll and it Doesn’t matter where your dog is around You it will go into that position right By your side I absolutely love teaching This one because once I can say he’ll And the dog goes right here then I know I know that he knows where he should be Walking so this is a super super Important one just to help them Understand where we want them to walk The benefit of teaching the hill

Position is that when you’re out on a Walk and your dog starts to pull or it Loses focus on you you can literally Just stop and say where are you And they’ll go back into little position Because they know this is the technique That I use usually when I run out trees So the reward is the freedom of the wall We get to go forward again which is Ultimately what they want to do but they Can only do it when they are right by Our sides a few small training sessions Throughout the week using the dogs Dinner will be enough for this one start With the dog in a sit facing you and Then using your left hand we lower the Dog in an arc motion until it does a Full circle and it’s right by your side Facing the way that you are facing if You need any help with this one then I Have a really really in-depth video Teaching the hill position in five easy Steps technique number three is tension The Association our dogs have wood Tension is so so important and people Never talk about it I don’t get it People never talk about usually when we First get a dog it doesn’t matter if It’s a rescue doesn’t matter if it’s Puppy the very first thing the dog will Do is pull the association our dog has With the feeling the sensation of a Little bit of tension on his neck is not To change direction and follow the lead

And chain and follow us but it’s to Sniff the floor it’s to pull harder to Get what they want that’s why I use a Flexi lead a lot of the time because I Never want there to be tension so if I Haven’t got enough time to teach my dog How to walk on the lead and he’s likely To pull I definitely want to walk him on A short lead where he’s gonna learn that Tension means go wherever he wants I can Use a flexi lead and I can give him more Space but I can still ensure that the Principle of as soon as there’s a Feeling on his collar he follows me and We go into a different direction Association with tension is all about What happens immediately after they feel It So do they get to sniff the floor or Does the tension remain there until they Give in to the pressure of the lead and Come back to us or go in the direction That we are going the reason the tension Work So so well is because timing we can Apply tension at the exact time that our Dog loses focus on us or the exact time That our dog decides to pull and this Makes it super super clear for our dog When he’s doing something wrong one of The mistakes that I think owners make And even trainers make is that instead Of applying tension they will stop now There are two reasons why stopping is

Less effective than applying tension Number one is timing if your dog starts Pulling or loses focus and you stop the Dog still has the length of the lead to Do whatever they want yes our dogs may Look back at us eventually and we can Carry on walking because we’ve got the Dogs focus but the downside is that we Haven’t communicated with the dog What has gone wrong and what we didn’t Like all we’ve said is do what you want And then when you’re back in the room We’ll carry on this isn’t the message That we want to give the second reason I Don’t think that stopping is as good as Applying tension is the dog leashed self Rewarding when he is sniffing the floor And he’s got the length of the lead to Do whatever he wants when you apply Tension the dog can’t do these things so I think that timing is a lot better Because you can signal exactly when the Dog is lost focus and then it doesn’t Get to sniff the floor and or look at Distractions it doesn’t get to reward Itself so how do you use tension when Your dog has lost focus on you or your Dog has gone too far ahead of you Then stop and gently apply enough Tension to stop the dog from moving Forward what you’re going to do is hold The tension on the lead and you’re gonna Wait for the dog to either look back at You and off of focus or wait for him to

Go back into that hill position so you Only lose the tension once the dog is Either focused on you or back in the Hold position what the dog learns is When he loses focus it doesn’t go Anywhere and when he pulls you don’t go Anywhere The only time he gets to move forward on The walk and do what he wants to do is When he’s focused on us or he’s in the Hill position good timing with tension Makes communication crystal clear with Our dogs yes your dog having a Association with tension is of course Super super useful for lead walking but More than that it’s good for your dog’s Health you do not want your dog to be Getting injured because it’s strangling Itself to get to something because it’s Used to pulling on the lead so teaching The dog how to respond to tension is Super super important not only for lead Walking but for their safety as well Technique number four the final Technique is changing direction this is The technique that usually works really Really well with crazy dogs that are Just just nerves If your dog is in an absolute frenzy and You don’t have one distraction to deal With but you have countless anything That your dog sees on a walk is a Distraction then this is a great one for You to start with one of the reasons

Your dog is pulling is predictability he Knows where you going so he just wants To get there faster how do you use this Technique every single time the dog goes A step in front of you or loses focus You change direction every single time At first what will happen is your dog Will be a little bit confused and almost Get a little bit frustrated what will Happen if you keep on changing direction You should just look at you because he Doesn’t know where he’s going Changing direction constantly gives your Dog no other option but to look at you Just to see where we’re going this gives You that window of opportunity to ask For focus again this gives you the Opportunities to ask for heel and then Once you carry on walking and the dog Goes too far ahead again yes you guessed It you change direction every single Time your dog loses focus when your dog That starts they love you because he’s Frustrated and confused that’s when you Can say good boy you can ask for his Focus you can ask him to go into that Hill position and then you can carry on Walking but then as soon as your dog Loses focus again you change direction You want to become engaging you want to Become interesting She just walk in one straight line when You’re teaching a dog how to walk on a Lead then you have too much time for

Your dog’s mind to wonder by changing Direction randomly you create a dog that Automatically checks in with you because He needs to because he’s not sure where He’s going but then you want to Gradually stop changing direction so Often so if you were changing direction Every three steps because your dog’s Crazy and just giving you no attention Then you want to try and make it so you Know five steps then ten steps and you Just want to keep on trying to slowly Increase the distance that you can walk With your dog checking in with your dog In that level position and with your dog Focused on you instead of being focused On distractions but now that you know The four techniques what one should you Use what one is the right technique for Your dog the answer is all four of them You need to work these in to one routine Sometimes you’re going to change Direction to be interesting to be Engaging you want your dog to be Thinking about where you’re going and he Has to follow you that’s a great mindset You should always be using focus you Should always be rewarding your dog for Checking in but then you also want the Dog to be aware of that he’ll position So if it does get a little bit excited You does get distracted and goes in a Little bit far ahead you just saying oh He’ll if he’s too far in front of you

He’s not in the Hill position then you Can use your tension that was like third Technique so now you your change in Direction you’ve asked for the hill Position you’re using tension and now You’re asking for focus the dogs back There you should be using all of these Techniques to help your dog walk nicely On a lead so those are the four Techniques to stop any dog from pulling On the lead I really really really Really hope you enjoyed this video if You did please hit that subscribe button Help me grow this channel and if you Have any questions or you have any Videos that you want to see next jump Into the comments below and let me What it is again thank you so much for Watching I will see you in the next one [Music]

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